100pcs university standard animal histology slides


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100pcs university standard animal histology slides

When compiling the series, basically only top quality, histologically fixed material was used for the preparation of the slides. The cutting thickness of the microtome sections is normally 6 – 8 μm. The use of special staining methods guarantees a clear, multicolored representation of all tissue structures. This slide series occupies a special position due both to the quality of the original material and also with regard to the carefulness of the preparation.

What’s include in 100pcs animal histology slides

AH-01 Simple squamous epithelium sec.
AH-02 Simple cuboidal epithelium sec.
AH-03 Simple columnar epithelium sec
AH-04 Columna pseudostratified ciliated epithelium
AH-05 Stratified squamous epithelium sec
AH-06 Transitional epithelium sec
AH-07 Ciliated epithelium
AH-08 Epidermis from human mouth
AH-09 Glandular epithelium sec
AH-10 Loose connective tissue w.m
AH-11 Dense connective tissue w.m
AH-12 Adipose tissues sec.
AH-13 Hyaline cartilage sec.
AH-14 Elastic cartilage sec.
AH-15 Fibro cartilage sec.
AH-16 Human chromosome normal female w.m
AH-17 Human chromosome normal male w.m
AH-18 Medulla oblongata sec
AH-19 Red marrow smear
AH-20 Smooth muscle teased preparation w.m
AH-21 Blood smear
AH-22 Hair whole mount
AH-23 Smooth muscle l.s and c.s
AH-24 Skeletal muscle l.s and c.s
AH-25 Cardiac muscle sec
AH-26 Spinal card l.s and c.s
AH-27 Sciatic nerve l.s.
AH-28 Motor neuron w.m
AH-29 Taste buds sec.
AH-30 Tongue l.s. show filiform papilla
AH-31 Esophagus sec.
AH-32 Trachea sec.
AH-33 Stomach sec.
AH-34 Stomach fundic portion sec.
AH-35 Stomach cardiac region sec.
AH-36 Stomach pyloric region sec.
AH-37 Small intestine c.s
AH-38 Duodenum sec.
AH-39 Jejunum sec.
AH-40 Ileum c.s. show villi and goblet cells
AH-41 Appendix sec.
AH-42 Large intestine sec.
AH-43 Colon sec.
AH-44 Rectum sec.
AH-45 Pancreas sec.
AH-46 Spleen sec
AH-47 Liver sec
AH-48 Gall bladder sec
AH-49 Fat layer
AH-50 Fibroblast
AH-51 Nerve cells
AH-52 Bronchiolus
AH-53 Lung sec
AH-54 Artery sec
AH-55 Vein sec
AH-56 Large artery sec
AH-57 Large vein sec
AH-58 Heart l.s.whole
AH-59 Kidney l.s
AH-60 Kidney c.s
AH-61 Ureter sec.
AH-62 Ovary sec.
AH-63 Placenta sec.
AH-64 Human sperms smear
AH-65 Epididymis sec
AH-66 Prostate gland sec.
AH-67 Fallopian tube sec
AH-68 Penis c.s
AH-69 Cervix sec
AH-70 Thyroid gland sec
AH-71 Thymus gland sec
AH-72 Mammary gland sec
AH-73 Adrenal gland sec
AH-74 Lymph node sec
AH-75 Salivary gland c.s.
AH-76 Cerebrum sec
AH-77 Cerebellum sec
AH-78 Pituitary gland c.s.
AH-79 Tendon teased c.s.
AH-80 Eyelid sec.
AH-81 Eyeball sec
AH-82 Human skin sec show thick cornified layer
AH-83 Human skin sec through sweat gland
AH-84 Human skin sec through hair follicle
AH-85 White fibrous tissue
AH-86 Mucous tissue, umbilical cord
AH-87 Decalcified bone c.s.
AH-88 Infant developing bone section
AH-89 Developing membrane bone
AH-90 muscle-tendon junction l.s.
AH-91 Muscle spindle
AH-92 Nerve bundle
AH-93 Sympathetic ganglion
AH-94 Motor cortex section
AH-95 Sentor cortex
AH-96 Cerebellar cortex
AH-97 Palatine tonsil
AH-98 Thin skin from human palm section
AH-99 Fingernail section
AH-100 Stomach-esophageal junction l.s.
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