Knowledge of prepared microscope slides

STAIN ABBREVIATION:AF&FG STAIN ACID FUCHSIN & FAST GREENAC Stain Alcohol Carmine stainC Stain Carmine stainC&FG Stain Carmine & Fast GreenCV Stain Cresyl VioletFS Stain Fuchsin stainFS&FG Stain Fuchsin & Fast GreenGS Stain GiemsaH&E Stain Hematoxylin and EosinH&T Stain Hematoxylin and TriosinIH Stain Iron HematoxylinM Stain MalloryMaS Stain MasonOS Stain OsmiumS Stain SilverWR Stain Wright’sNG Stain Nissl or Golgi stainPas Stain Periodic Acid Schift Reaction MOUNT PREPARATION:c.s. Cross sectionl.s. Longitudinal sectionm.l.s. Median-Longitudinal Sectionsec. Sectionsag. sec. Sagittal Sectiont.s. Transversal Sectionsmear Liquid smearw.m. Wholemount