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Human histology slides
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100pcs human histology slides in 14 systems

Selected high-quality 100pcs human histology for university study. Which include 14 human main systems, different organs tissues.
Each section’s thickness is within 6 – 8 μm.
We adopt special staining methods to guarantee a clear, multicolored representation of all tissue structures.
This slide series occupies a special position due both to the quality of the original material and the carefulness of the preparation.


This human histology slides set includes 14 systems of the human body:

1. Epithelial tissue
2. Connective tissue
3. Muscular tissue
4. Nervous  system
5. Circulation system
6. Lymphatic system
7. Endocrine system
8. Digestive system
9. Respiratory system
10. Urinary system
11. Female Reproductive system
12. Male Reproductive system
13. Sensory organs
14. Integument (Skin)

What’s include in this 100pcs human histology slides

1. Epithelial tissue
HHS-01 Simple columnar epithelium, in sec. of human intestine
HHS-02 Simple cuboidal epithelium, in sec. of human thyroid gland
HHS-03 Columnar epithelium, in t.s. of human gall bladder
HHS-04 Simple ciliated columnar epithelium, in t.s. of oviduct
HHS-05 Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium, trachea, t.s.
HHS-06 Stratified, non-cornified squamous epithelium, oesophagus sec.
HHS-07 Transitional epithelium, in sec. of human bladder
HHS-08 Squamous epithelium, isolated cells from human mouth, smear
HHS-09 Golgi apparatus, silver stained
HHS-10 Normal human chromosome smear, male
HHS-11 Normal human chromosome smear, female
2. Connective tissue
HHS-12 Loose connective tissue of Human sec.
HHS-13 Dense connective tissue of Human sec.
HHS-14 Adipose tissue of Human sec.
HHS-15 Hyaline cartilage of Human sec.
HHS-16 Fibrous cartilage of Human sec.
HHS-17 Elastic cartilage of Human sec.
HHS-18 Human bone grinding w.m.
HHS-19 Joint of human foetus, l.s.
HHS-20 Finger tip from human foetus, sagittal l.s. of nail development
3. Muscular tissue
HHS-21 Skeletal muscle of Human t.s.and l.s. (hematoxylin stain)
HHS-22 Skeletal muscle of Human t.s.and l.s. (H.E. stain)
HHS-23 Cardiac muscle of Human sec. (hematoxylin stain)
HHS-24 Cardiac muscle of Human sec. (H.E. stain)
HHS-25 Smooth (involuntary) muscle, human l.s. and t.s.
4. Nervous  system
HHS-26 Spinal cord of Human t.s.
HHS-27 Spinal cord smear show general structure
HHS-28 Spinal ganglion, human t.s. H.E. stained
HHS-29 Sympathetic ganglion, human t.s. H.E. stained
HHS-30 Cerebrum of Human sec. (HE)
HHS-31 Cerebellum of Human sec. (HE)
5. Circulation system
HHS-32 Blood smear, human, Wright Giemsa stain
HHS-33 Blood smear, human, H.E.
HHS-34 Human Medium-sized artery and vein sec.
HHS-35 Artery, human, t.s. H.E. stained
HHS-36 Vein, human, t.s. H.E. stained
6. Lymphatic system
HHS-37 Lymph node, human t.s.
HHS-38 Spleen, human t.s.
HHS-39 Thymus of Human sec.
HHS-40 Tonsil (Tonsilla palatina), human t.s.
HHS-41 Red bone marrow smear, Giemsa stained
7. Endocrine system
HHS-42 Thyroid gland of Human sec.
HHS-43 Parathyroid gland of Human sec.
HHS-44 Adrenal gland of Human sec.
HHS-45 Pituitary gland (Hypophysis), human t.s.
HHS-46 Pancreas with islets of Langerhans, human, sec.
8. Digestive system
HHS-47 Lip, human t.s.
HHS-48 Soft palate, human t.s.
HHS-49 Hard palate, human t.s.
HHS-50 Tongue, human, sec. with filiform papillae
HHS-51 Tongue, human, sec. with fungiform papillae
HHS-52 Oesophagus, human t.s.
HHS-53 Liver of sec. silver stained show bile canaliculus
HHS-54 Stomach, cardiac region, human t.s.
HHS-55 Stomach, fundic region, human t.s.
HHS-56 Stomach, pyloric region, human t.s.
HHS-57 Duodenum of Human sec.
HHS-58 Jejunum of Human sec.
HHS-59 Ileum of Human sec.
HHS-60 Vermiform appendix, human t.s.
HHS-61 Colon of Human sec.
HHS-62 Rectum, human t.s.
HHS-63 Parotid gland of Human sec.
HHS-64 Submaxillary gland, human t.s.
HHS-65 Sublingual salivary gland, human t.s.
HHS-66 Liver, human t.s.
HHS-67 Gall bladder, human t.s.
9. Respiratory system
HHS-68 Trachea of Human t.s.
HHS-69 Trachea of Human l.s.
HHS-70 Epiglottis, human sec.
HHS-71 Human Lung sec.
10. Urinary system
HHS-72 Urinary bladder of Human sec.
HHS-73 Ureter of Human t.s.
HHS-74 Kidney, human t.s.
11. Female Reproductive system
HHS-75 Ovary, human, t.s.
HHS-76 Oviduct (fallopian tube), t.s.
HHS-77 Human Uterus (proliferative phase) sec.
HHS-78 Human Uterus (secretory phase) sec.
HHS-79 Uterine cervix of Human sec.
HHS-80 Placenta of Human sec.
HHS-81 Umbilical cord (navel string), human t.s.
HHS-82 Vagina of Human sec.
12. Male Reproductive system
HHS-83 Penis of Human sec. (infant)
HHS-84 Testis of Human sec.
HHS-85 Sperm smear, human
HHS-86 Epididymis, human t.s.
HHS-87 Prostate of Human sec.
HHS-88 Spermatic cord (Ductus deferens) of human t.s.
HHS-89 Seminal vesicle (Glandula vesiculosa), human t.s.
13. Sensory organs
HHS-90 Eyeball, Human sec.
HHS-91 Wallate papillae with taste buds, human t.s.
HHS-92 Olfactory epithelium, human t.s.
HHS-93 Tactile corpuscle of Human sec.
HHS-94 Lamellar corpuscle of Human sec.
14. Integument (Skin)
HHS-95 Scalp, vertical l.s. shows hair follicles human, H.E. stained
HHS-96 Skin from armpit with apocrine glands, vertical l.s.
HHS-97 Eyelid, human, t.s.
HHS-98 Mammary gland, active, human t.s.
HHS-99 Mammary gland, resting, human t.s.
HHS-100 Hair of Human w.m.

End of the 100pcs human histology slides.

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    With Correct stain, clearly show the cells I want to see.
    Pleasantly surprised!

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