80pcs animal histology slides

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Animal histology slides
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80pcs animal histology slides

Selected animal histology slides were selected from popular and typical tissues and fully handmade to prepared slides for observing under the microscope.
Designed for teaching which will inspire students’ learning interest.

What’s include:
1 Columnar epithelium Sec.
2 Ciliated Epithelium Sec.
3 Simple squamous epithelium Sec.
4 Stratified Squamous Epithelium Sec.
5 Endothelial cell Sec.
6 Follicle of human hair Sec.
7 Sweat glands in human skin Sec.
8 Adipose Tissue Sec.
9 Connective Tissue (soft) w.m.
10 Connective Tissue (hard) x.s.
11 Hyaline Cartilage Sec.
12 Elastic Cartilage Sec.
13 Fibrous cartilage sec.
14 Decalcified bone cut x.s.
15 Decalcified bone cut l.s.
16 Vessel Capillary Fabric c.s.
17 Skeletal muscle x.s.
18 Skeletal muscle l.s.
19 Skeletal muscle x.s. and l.s.
20 Smooth muscle x.s.
21 Smooth muscle l.s.
22 Smooth muscle x.s. and l.s.
23 Single smooth muscle w.m.
24 Cutting of heart muscle c.s.
25 Cut of cardiac muscle l.s.
26 Spinal Cord c.s.
27 Spinal Cord l.s.
28 Neuron motor w.m.
29 Motor neuron termination w.m.
30 Nerve Beam x.s.
31 Nerve c.s.
32 Nervo l.s.
33 Spinal ganglion l.s.
34 Red Bone Marrow Sec.
35 Lymph node Sec.
36 Thyroid Gland Sec.
37 Parotid gland Sec.
38 Secular submandibular gland
39 Sublingual Gland Sec.
40 Teste bud Sec.
41 Tongue x.s.
42 Trachea Sec.
43 Esophagus c.s.
44 Esophageal junction with stomach.
45 Gastric wall cut Sec.
46 Section of the duodenum Sec.
47 Section of jejunum
48 Section of ileum x.s.
49 Colon x.s.
50 Rectum x.s.
51 Appendix Sec.
52 Liver Sec.
53 Lung Sec.
54 Gallbladder Sec.
55 Bile duct Sec.
56 Spleen Sec.
57 Pancreas Sec.
58 Artery x.s.
59 Vein c.s.
60 Venous artery c.s.
61 Brain Sec.
62 Cerebelo Sec.
63 Kidney c.s.
64 Kidney l.s.
65 Urinary bladder sec.
66 Ureter c.s.
67 Seminal Vesicle c.s.
68 Fallopian tube x.s.
69 Ovary x.s.
70 Uterus Sec.
71 Cervix Sec.
72 Mammalian mammary gland Sec.
73 Testicle of the Rat Sec.
74 Vagina sec.
75 Epididymis Sec.
76 Spermatozoa smear (H)
77 Penis c.s.
78 Prostate Sec.
79 Oral epithelial cells
80 Golgi Complex

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