1pc skeletal muscle l.s. prepared slides with Hematoxylin staining


skeletal muscle l.s. prepared slides
Thickness: 7-micrometer section
Stain: hematoxylin


1pc skeletal muscle l.s. prepared slides with Hematoxylin staining

Skeletal muscle is a kind of striated muscle, which is attached to the skeleton

Scientific name: skeletal muscle l.s. prepared slides
Category: histology slides

Description of the skeletal muscle l.s. prepared slides:

  1. Size: 76.2*25.4mm
  2. Thickness: 7-micrometer section
  3. Stain: hematoxylin
  4. Show: general structure
  5. Storage: long-lasting
  6. MOQ: 1PC

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Dimensions 15 × 20 × 10 cm


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