Free sample prepared slides provide on request


Free sample prepared slides
Selected material
Carefully handmade


Free sample prepared slides provide on request

We will provide 25 pieces different free sample prepared slides for your test our quality.
Sure, we accept your specific request to prepare the free sample prepared slides.
All you have to do is pay the shipping cost or provide us your FedEx account!

What’s include in the free sample prepared slides:


1 Privet Leaf, c.s. (typical dicot leaf c.s.)
2 Onion Epidermis w.m.
3 Stem of pumpkin L.S.
4 Leaf of Pinus t.s.
5 Onion Root tips L.S. show Mitosis


6 Paramecium caudatum wm
7 Euglena w.m.
8 Pollen-carrying leg of Honeybee w.m.
9 Fish Scales,w.m.
10 Daphina w.m


11 Human Blood smear
12 Uterus of Human sec.
13 Dense connective tissue, rabbit achilles tendon l.s.
14 Squamous epithelium, isolated cells from human mouth, smear
15 Lymph node sec.
16 Ovary of Rabbit sec.
17 Loose connective tissue w.m.


18 Chronic pneumonia
19 Liver abscess sec.


20 Pediculus humanus, louse, adult w.m.
21 Schistosoma japonicum, adult male w.m.
22 Ascaris lumbricoides male and female t.s


23 Three types of Bacteria
24 Lactococcus lactis
25 bacillus coli

End of the list, for your reference.
It may have difference with your final samples.

Online order accepts PayPal, normally your order will be processed and shipped within a week.
In case there is no stock, we will contact you and confirm the estimated shipping date.
We also accept Western-Union, T/T (bank transfer)
Please contact us for detailed information.
WhatsApp: +86 18838161683.

If the items you need not on the list, please feel free to send us your list and get the quotation within 12 hours.
As a prepared microscope slides manufacture, we also provide OEM service to customize your special prepared slides sets.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time!!!

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Dimensions 25 × 20 × 10 cm


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