50pcs Five Kingdom Prepared Slides


Prepared ‘5 Kingdom’ Slides
sealed coverslips
Individually labeled
Long-lasting storage


Set of 50 Five Kingdom Prepared Slides set

It comes with 50 professionally prepared and stained tissue specimen slides in a hard plastic case that keeps them safe and organized. These are specimens of Animal, Plant, Fungi, Protists (single-celled organisms) and Monera (bacteria) Kingdoms.

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KD-01 Corn root tip, l.s.
KD-02 Young root of broad bean, c.s.
KD-03 Terminal bud of Hydrilla verticillata, l.s.
KD-04 Pumpkin stem, c.s.
KD-05 Pumpkin stem, l.s.
KD-06 Monocot stem, corn, c.s.
KD-07 Dicot stem, sunflower, c.s.
KD-08 Woody dicot stem, linden, c.s.
KD-09 Dicot leaf, c.s.
KD-10 Lower epidermis of broad bean, w.m.
KD-11 Penicillium, w.m.
KD-12 Actinomyces, w.m.
KD-13 Chlamydomonas, w.m.
KD-14 Three types of bacteria, smear
KD-15 Yeast, w.m.
KD-16 Lymph node, rabbit, sec.
KD-17 Earthworm, c.s.
KD-18 Frog embryo, cleavage stage, sec.
KD-19 Frog blastula, sec.
KD-20 Pine leaf, c.s.
KD-21 Ricinus seed l.s.
KD-22 Spirogyra conjugation, w.m.
KD-23 Onion epidermis, w.m.
KD-24 Euglena w.m.
KD-25 Fern leaf, sec.
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KD-26 Fern prothallium, w.m.
KD-27 Germinating pollen w.m.
KD-28 Leaf of winter jasmine, c.s.
KD-29 Dense connective tissue sec.
KD-30 Human blood, smear
KD-31 Skeletal muscle l.s&c.s.
KD-32 Teased smooth muscle, frog, w.m.
KD-33 Cardiac muscle, sec.
KD-34 Motor neurons, ox, w.m.
KD-35 Spinal cord, rabbit, c.s.
KD-36 Wall of stomach, dog, sec.
KD-37 Kidney, mice, l.s.
KD-38 Artery and vein, rabbit, c.s.
KD-39 Small intestine, dog, sec.
KD-40 Ciliated epithelium sec.
KD-41 Paramecium, w.m.
KD-42 Taste buds, rabbit, sec.
KD-43 Tongue, l.s.
KD-44 Rabbit testis, sec.
KD-45 Human sperm smear
KD-46 Aspergillus, w.m.
KD-47 Mushroom sec.
KD-48 Corn seed, l.s.
KD-49 Auricularia auricula sec.
KD-50 Lichen, sec.

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