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25pcs Cytology Genetics and Embryology Prepared Microscope Slides

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Cytology Genetics and Embryology
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25pcs Cytology Genetics and Embryology Prepared Microscope Slides

25pcs Cytology Genetics and Embryology Prepared Microscope Slide including typical cell division, human and mammal genetics, and plant developments. A wonderful series to study the secrets of nature.

CGE-01 Allium root tips L.S. showing all stages of plant mitosis, hematoxyline stain
CGE-02 Allium root tip squash preparation show intact mitotic stages, Feulgen stain
CGE-03 Allium root tips L.S. specially fixed and stained to show the mitochondria
CGE-04 Lilium, anther t.s., microspore mother cells in tetrad stage
CGE-05 Barr bodies (human sex chromatin) in smear from female squamous epithelium
CGE-06 Motor nerve endings, muscle stained with gold chloride showing the motor end plates
CGE-07 Spinal cord smear of pig or cow show motor neuron
CGE-08 Salamander liver showing nuclei, cell membranes and cytoplasm
CGE-09 Meiosis stages in sec. of Locus testis
CGE-10 Ascaris megalocephala embryology Sec. of uteri showing mitosis stages
CGE-11 Giant chromosomes smear from Drosophila salivary gland
CGE-12 Mitotic stages in sec. through red bone marrow of mammal
CGE-13 Squamous epithelium, isolated cells from human mouth. Nuclei and cytoplasm are show
CGE-14 Golgi apparatus in sec. of spinal ganglion or other organ
CGE-15 Storage of glycogen in liver cells, sec. stained with carmine after PAS reaction
CGE-16 Phagocytosis in Kupffer’s star cells of the liver sec. of mammalian liver
CGE-17 Paramecium, in fission, nuclei stained
CGE-18 Spirogyra scalariform conjugation showing zygotes following conjugation
CGE-19 Simple-cell of egg of Frog sec.
CGE-20 2-cell of egg of Frog sec.
CGE-21 Early cleavage stage of egg of Frog sec.
CGE-22 Ovary of cat, t.s. with primary, secondary, and Graafian follicles
CGE-23 Testis of mouse, t.s. showing spermatogenesis in all stages
CGE-24 Embryo of mouse, sagittal l.s. of entire specimen showing all organs in situ
CGE-25 Chicken, 8 day, sagittal l.s. through entire specimen showing various embryonic organs

End list of Cytology, Genetics, and Embryology.

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Functional knowledge of Prepared microscope slides

C.S. = Cross Section: slide shows a thin section through the transverse plane of an organism or tissue.
L.S. = Longitudinal Section: slide shows a vertical section of the organism along the longest plane.
C.S. & L.S. = Cross Section and Longitudinal Section on the same slide for comparison
W.M. = Whole Mount: slide shows an entire organism or structure, as indicated, is preserved on the slide

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Different Categories Quantity
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Histology 375 kinds
Zoology 459 kinds
Human Pathology 269 kinds
Mitosis&Meiosis 66 kinds
Embryology 33 kinds
Microbiology 100 kinds
Cell Biology&Genetics 64 kinds
Botany Pathology 373 kinds
Oral Pathology 95 kinds
Hematology 59 kinds
Animal Pathology 68 kinds
Petrology, rocks thin sections 191 kinds


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