Advanced 100pcs human pathology teaching slides wholesale, university standard, Factory Outlets

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Pathology teaching slides
14 system of the human body
Individually labeled
Recommend to: doctors, teachers and students


Advanced 100pcs human pathology teaching slides wholesale, university standard, Factory Outlets

The Pathology teaching slides we offer are professionally hand-mounted, accurately stained, and individually labeled. Our microscope pathology slides are great for medical students, It has an excellent introduction to human disease in microscopy. The Pathology teaching slides are cover-slipped and preserved in cedarwood oil. All slides are carefully labeled for easy reference and are arranged in a fine plastic box with a separator. This pathology teaching slide set includes 14 systems of human diseases. It is excellent for educational use and is perfect for all levels of medical student study including home school programs.

What’s included in this 100pcs pathology teaching slides set:

1, Injury and repair of cell and tissue
HSIR-01 Myocardial hypertrophy
HSIR-02 Hyperplasia of prostate
HSIR-05 Liver cell fatty degeneration
HSIR-14 Granulation tissue
HSIR-21 Cloudy swelling of kidney
HSIR-29 Signet ring cell cancer
HSIR-30 Tophus
HSIR-31 Tuberculous granuloma
2, Disturbances of Blood circulation
HSBC-01 Chronic pulmonary congestion of the lung
HSBC-03 Chronic venous congestion of liver
HSBC-05 Hemorrhagic infarct of lung
3, Diseases of Immunity
HSIM-05 Lymph node tuberculosis
HSIM-06 Metastatic carcinoma of lymph node
HSIM-08 Splenic infarction
HSIM-09 Myocardial infarction
HSIM-12 Tonsillitis
HSIM-14 Hyaling degeneration of splenic capsule
4, Inflammation
HSIN-03 Liver abscess
HSIN-06 Nephrapostasis
HSIN-07 Lung abscess
HSIN-12 lobular pneumonia
HSIN-19 Chronic cholecystitis
HSIN-20 Inflammatory polyp
HSIN-26 Foreign body granuloma
HSIN-31 Subacute severe hepatitis
5, Tumor
HSTU-01 Cutaneous papillomatosis
HSTU-03 Fibroma
HSTU-04 Lipoma
HSTU-05 Fibrosarcoma
HSTU-07 Fibroadenoma of breast
HSTU-11 Basal cell carcinoma
HSTU-16 Thymoma
HSTU-21 Cavernous hemangioma
HSTU-22 Capillary hemangioma
HSTU-23 Theca cell tumor
HSTU-24 Spermatocytoma
HSTU-25 Hemangioma in liver
6, Diseases of Cardiovascular System
HSCS-01 Atherosclerosis of aorta
HSCS-03 Coronary atherosclerosis
7, Diseases of Respiratory System
HSRS-02 Chronic bronchitis
HSRS-08 Silicosis
HSRS-12 Adenocarcinoma of lung
HSRS-14 Nasal polyp
HSRS-23 Military tuberculosis
HSRS-24 Pulmonary emphysema
HSRS-29 Interstitial pneumonia
HSRS-34 Gallbladder Cancer
HSRS-35 Carcinoma of larynx
8, Disease of Digestive System
HSDS-01 Esophagus cancer
HSDS-06 Adenocarcinoma of stomach
HSDS-13 Virus hepatitis
HSDS-14 Chronic active hepatitis
HSDS-18 Portal cirrhosis
HSDS-19 Biliary Cirrhosis
HSDS-20 Liver cancer
HSDS-33 Cloudy swelling of liver
HSDS-39 Postnecrotic cirrhosis
HSDS-41 Superficial gastritis
HSDS-42 Atrophic gastritis
HSDS-44 Gangrenous appendicitis
HSDS-46 Colonitis
HSDS-48 Intestinal adenocarcinoma
HSDS-49 Hemorrhagic infarct of the intestine
HSDS-50 Intestinal polyp
9, Diseases of Haemopoietic System
HSHS-01 Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
HSHS-02 Hodgkin lymphoma
10, Diseases of Urinary System
HSUS-04 Renal clear cell carcinoma
HSUS-05 Wilms’ tumor
HSUS-09 Renal tuberculosis
HSUS-12 Carcinoma of urinary bladder
HSUS-18 Granular cell carcinoma of kidney
11, Disease of Genital System
HSGS-01 Endometrial hyperplasia
HSGS-02 Leiomyoma of uterus
HSGS-04 Cervical squamous cancer
HSGS-09 Mucinous cystadenoma of ovary
HSGS-11 Invasive ductal carcinoma
HSGS-12 Comedocarcinoma of breast
HSGS-17 Hydatidiform mole
HSGS-20 Chronic endometritis
HSGS-21 Condyloma acuminatum
HSGS-25 Hyperplasia of mammary gland
HSGS-27 Mucinous carcinoma of breast
HSGS-28 Endometrial carcinoma
HSGS-29 Chocolate cyst of ovary
HSGS-33 Benign Teratomas
HSGS-34 Malignant teratoma
HSGS-35 Chronic cervicitis
HSGS-36 Cervical inflammatory plyp
HSGS-37 Endocervical adenocarcinoma
HSGS-38 Malignant mole
12, Diseases of Endocrine System
HSES-03 Thyroid adenoma
HSES-11 Thyroid adenocarcinoma
HSES-12 Nodular goiter
HSES-13 Hashimoto thyroiditis
13, Diseases of Nervous System
HSNS-03 Meningioma
HSNS-04 Neurinoma
HSNS-05 Neurofibroma
HSNS-06 Neuroastrocytoma
14, Diseases of Muscular and Skeletal System
HSMS-03 Giant cell tumor of bone
HSMS-04 Chondrosarcoma

End list of the advanced 100pcs pathology teaching slides.


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