University standard 60pcs parasites prepared slides packed in two boxes


Scarce material
Fully carefully handmade
Quality check one by one
MOQ 10boxes

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University standard 60pcs parasites prepared slides packed in two boxes

These 60pcs parasites prepared slides were a customized kit that especially used in university due to its Scarcity and price.
Supplied in a plastic case or wooden box. 

What’s included in the 60pcs parasites prepared slides:
PS-01 Giardia lamblia, smear showing cysts
PS-02 Giardia lamblia trophozoite w.m.
PS-03 Balantidium coli cysts w.m.
PS-04 Balantidium coli trophozoite w.m.
PS-05 Trypanosome blood smear
PS-06 Toxoplasma gondii smear
PS-07 Leishmania donovani, causes kala-azar, smear
PS-08 Trichomonas vaginalis, smear
PS-09 Egg of fasciolopsis buski w.m. (Natural Color)
PS-10 Fasciolopsis buski adult w.m.
PS-11 Fasciola hepatica egg (Natural color ) w.m.
PS-12 Fasciola hepatica adult w.m.
PS-13 Schistosoma japonicum (female) w.m.
PS-14 Schistosoma japonicum (male) w.m.
PS-15 Schistosoma japonicum adult male and female in copula, w.m.
PS-16 Eggs of Schistosoma japonium w.m. (natural color)
PS-17 Miracidium of Schistosoma japonicum w.m.
PS-18 Cercaria of schistosoma japonicum w.m.
PS-19 Taenia solium, ova in faeces w.m.
PS-20 Cysticercus cellulosae, w.m. of complete bladder worm
PS-21 Taenia solium, scolex w.m.
PS-22 Taenia solium immature proglottid w.m.
PS-23 Taenia solium mature proglottid w.m.
PS-24 Taenia solium pregnancy proglottid w.m.
PS-25 Tapeworm sec.
PS-26 Taenia saginate mature proglottid w.m.
PS-27 Taenia saginate immature proglottid w.m.
PS-28 Ascaris fertilized egg w.m. (natural color )
PS-29 Ascaris unfertilized egg w.m. (natural color )
PS-30 Ascaris Deproteinized membrane fertilized egg w.m. (natural color)
PS-31 Ascaris lumbricoides male t.s
PS-32 Ascaris lumbricoides female t.s
PS-33 Ascaris lumbricoides male and female t.s
PS-34 Anterior end of ascarid lumbricoide w.m.
PS-35 Posterior end of ascarid lumbricoide w.m.
PS-36 Whipworm eggs w.m. (natural color)
PS-37 Whipworm female w.m.
PS-38 Whipworm male w.m.
PS-39 Adult Trichinella spiralis w.m.
PS-40 Trichinella larvae w.m.
PS-41 Trichinella Larvae cysts sec. (HE)
PS-42 Trichinella Larvae cysts tableting
PS-43 Mixing eggs w.m. (trematodes eggs)
PS-44 Mixing eggs w.m. (nematode eggs )
PS-45 Ixodes sp., hard tick, adult w.m.
PS-46 Argasidae, soft ticks, adult w.m.
PS-47 Gamasid mite w.m. of adult
PS-48 Anopheles eggs w.m.
PS-49 Anopheles pupae w.m.
PS-50 Anopheles larvae w.m.
PS-51 Anopheles (female and male) adults w.m.
PS-52 Culex eggs w.m.
PS-53 Culex pupae w.m.
PS-54 Culex larvae w.m.
PS-55 Culex (female and male) adults w.m.
PS-56 Dog flea, adult male w.m.
PS-57 Dog flea, adult female w.m.
PS-58 Pediculus humanus, louse, adult female w.m.
PS-59 Pediculus humanus, louse, adult male w.m.
PS-60 Louse eggs attached to the hair, w.m.

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