1pc new female culex mosquito mouthpart w.m. prepared slides


Female Culex mosquito mouthpart
Lifecycle available

1pc female Culex mosquito mouthpart w.m. prepared slides

Culex pipiens, mosquito, head and piercing-sucking mouth parts of female, w.m.
Culex pipiens generally refers to Culex, invertebrate, Insecta, Diptera, mosquito family. Also known as domestic mosquito. The body is mostly yellowish brown, with no spots on the wings, and the tentacles are short, and the antennae are nearly as long as the mouth organ. Piercing and aspirating mouthparts. When stationary, the body is parallel to the landing surface. In the evening or at night, female mosquitoes suck blood from human and livestock. Transmission of filariasis and epidemic encephalitis B, etc

Yes, this Culex has a male and female type, the one who bites and pierce human blood is female.
Today let’s see how the female Culex mosquito mouthparts like.

Scientific name: female Culex mosquito mouthpart w.m.
Category: Zoology, parasitology

Description of the female Culex mosquito mouthpart w.m.:

  1. Size: 76.2*25.4mm
  2. Thickness: wholemount
  3. Stain: natural color
  4. Show: general structure
  5. Storage: long-lasting
  6. MOQ: 1PC

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Dimensions15 × 20 × 10 cm


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