30pcs basic parasitology slides


basic parasitology slides
sealed with coverslips
Individually labeled
Recommended for highschools

30pcs parasitology slides

These 30pcs parasitology slides were strictly selected from the popular disease caused by parasites, typical and scarce but with research significance. Recommend to senior school or university.

What’s include:
P01 Ascaris ova w.m.
P02 Ascaris (female) x.s.
P03 Ascaris (male) x.s.
P04 Section of the liver with Schistosoma
P05 Section of the lung with Schistosoma
P06 Fasciolopsis buski c.s.
P07 Taenia ova w.m.
P08 Taenia sec.
P09 Taenia solium immature proglottid w.m
P10 Taenia solium mature proglottid w.m
P11 Cysticercus cellulosae w.m.
P12 Pediculus humanus (human louse) w.m.
P13 Schistosoma ova w.m
P14 Schistosoma (female) w.m
P15 Schistosoma (male) w.m.
P16 Schistosoma (female and male in copula) w.m
P17 Schistosoma miracidium w.m
P18 Schistosoma cercaria w.m
P19 Culex male w.m
P20 Culex female w.m
P21 Culex female mouth w.m
P22 Culex ova w.m
P23 Culex pupa w.m.
P24 Culex larva w.m.
P25 Amoeba proteus w.m
P26 Mite w.m.
P27 Drosophila fruit fly w.m.
P28 Clonorchis Sinensis w.m.
P29 Clonorchis Sinensis sec.
P30 Hirudo nipponia sec.

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Dimensions 30 × 10 × 5 cm


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