Affordable 100pcs advanced zoology prepared microscope slides


Zoology prepared microscope slides
Fully carefully hand made
Long-term preservation
Recommend to higher education


Affordable 100pcs advanced zoology prepared microscope slides

This advanced zoology microscope prepared slides set include a variety of insect, parasites, and animal, we divided the 100pcs to 12 different animals, kindly find the list following.
Each prepared slide was fully carefully hand made, with affordable price and long-term preservation.

What’s included in the 100pcs advanced zoology microscope prepared slides:

1, Protozoa

PZ-01 Euglena w.m.
PZ-02 Rotifera w.m.
PZ-03 Paramecium caudatum w.m.
PZ-04 Conjugation of paramecium caudatum w.m.
PZ-05 Binary fission of paramecium caudatum w.m.

2, Porifera

PZ-06 Freshwater spongia w.m.
PZ-07 Spincule of spongia (silica) w.m.

3, Coelenterata

PZ-08 Hydra with bud w.m.
PZ-09 Hydra t.s.
PZ-10 Hydra l.s.

4, Platyhelminthes

PZ-11 Dugesia japanica (intestine injected) w.m.
PZ-12 Dugesia japanica (show reproduction system) w.m.
PZ-13 Dugesia japanica sagittal section
PZ-14 Adult clonorchis sinensis cobbold w.m.
PZ-15 Eggs of clonorchis sinensis cobbold w.m. (nature color)
PZ-16 Schistosoma japonicum (female) w.m.
PZ-17 Schistosoma japonicum (male) w.m.
PZ-18 Sexual mosaic of schistosoma japonicum w.m.
PZ-19 Eggs of schistosoma japonicum w.m. (natural color)
PZ-20 Miracidium of schistosoma japonicum w.m.
PZ-21 Cercaria of schistosoma japonicum w.m.

5, Nematoda

PZ-22 Ascaris lumbricoides (male ) t.s.
PZ-23 Ascaris lumbricoides (female) t.s.
PZ-24 Ascaris lumbricoides (female and male) t.s.
PZ-25 Ascarid lumbricoide egg w.m. (natural color)

6, Annelida

PZ-26 Hirudo t.s.
PZ-27 Earthworm x.s.
PZ-28 Earthworm front median l.s.
PZ-29 Earthworm x.s. through clitellum

7, Mollusca

PZ-30 Gill of anodonta t.s.

8, Arthropoda

PZ-31 Daphnia w.m.
PZ-32 Cyclops w.m.
PZ-33 Tetranychus cinnabarinus w.m.
PZ-34 Eggs of culex w.m.
PZ-35 Pupa of culex w.m.
PZ-36 Larva of culex w.m.
PZ-37 Female culex w.m.
PZ-38 Male culex w.m.
PZ-39 Pediculus humanus w.m.
PZ-40 Drosophila melanogaster larva w.m.
PZ-41 Chewing mouthpart of grasshopper w.m.
PZ-42 Chewing-lapping mouthpart of honeybee w.m.
PZ-43 Piercing-sucking mouthpart of mosquito w.m.
PZ-44 Sponging mouthpart of housefly w.m.
PZ-45 Siphoning mouthpart of butterfly w.m.
PZ-46 Walking leg of cockroach w.m.
PZ-47 Grasping leg of mantis w.m.
PZ-48 Digging leg of mole cricket w.m.
PZ-49 Pollen-carrying leg of honeybee w.m.
PZ-50 Jumping leg of grasshopper w.m.
PZ-51 Climbing leg of louse w.m.
PZ-52 Membranous wing of honeybee w.m.
PZ-53 Coriacrious wing of grasshopper w.m.
PZ-54 Wing of housefly w.m.
PZ-55 Lepidotic of butterfly w.m.
PZ-56 Setaceous antenna of dragonfly w.m.
PZ-57 Filiform antenna of grasshopper w.m.
PZ-58 Moniliform antenna of termite w.m.
PZ-59 Serrate antenna of beetle w.m.
PZ-60 Melolontha, cockchafer, antenna with sense organs w.m
PZ-61 Geniculate antenna of honeybee w.m.
PZ-62 Aristate antenna of housefly w.m.
PZ-63 Whorled antenna of male mosquito w.m.
PZ-64 Clavate antenna of butterfly w.m.
PZ-65 Drosophila melanogaster w.m. female
PZ-66 Drosophila melanogaster w.m. male
PZ-67 Leg of housefly w.m.
PZ-68 The sting of a bee w.m.
PZ-69 Grasshopper testis sec.
PZ-70 Grasshopper muscle w.m.

9, Pisces

PZ-71 Skin of fish
PZ-72 Gill of fish t.s.
PZ-73 Intestine of fish t.s.
PZ-74 Spleen of fish t.s.
PZ-75 Blood of fish smear
PZ-76 Esophagus of Cat sec.
PZ-77 Wall of stomach of frog sec.
PZ-78 Heart of rat t.s.
PZ-79 Fish scale w.m.

10, Amphibia

PZ-80 Simple-cell of egg of frog sec.
PZ-81 2-cell of egg of frog sec.
PZ-82 Tadpole l.s.
PZ-83 Chromatophores of skin of frog w.m.
PZ-84 Skin of frog t.s.
PZ-85 Liver of frog t.s.
PZ-86 Blood of frog smear
PZ-87 Lung of frog t.s.
PZ-88 Ovary of frog sec.
PZ-89 Intestine of frog t.s.

11, Aves

PZ-90 Feather of bird w.m.
PZ-91 Lung of bird t.s.
PZ-92 Gizzard of duck t.s.
PZ-93 Ovary of chicken t.s.
PZ-94 Glandulose stomach of chicken t.s.
PZ-95 Lung of chicken t.s.
PZ-96 Kidney of chicken t.s.

12, Mammalian

PZ-97 Tail of mouse (show many tissues) t.s.
PZ-98 Ovary of cat sec.
PZ-99 Esophagus of dog t.s.
PZ-100 Trachea of dog t.s.

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Useful knowledge of Prepared microscope slides

C.S. = Cross Section: slide shows a thin section through the transverse plane of an organism or tissue.
L.S. = Longitudinal Section: slide shows a vertical section of the organism along the longest plane.
C.S. & L.S. = Cross Section and Longitudinal Section on the same slide for comparison
W.M. = Whole Mount: slide shows an entire organism or structure, as indicated, is preserved on the slide

About us:

Microscope Prepared Slides Manufacturer from China

What we have is shown following:


Different Categories Quantity
Botany 868 kinds
Histology 375 kinds
Zoology 459 kinds
Human Pathology 269 kinds
Mitosis&Meiosis 66 kinds
Embryology 33 kinds
Microbiology 100 kinds
Cell Biology&Genetics 64 kinds
Botany Pathology 373 kinds
Oral Pathology 95 kinds
Hematology 59 kinds
Animal Pathology 68 kinds
Petrology, rocks thin sections 191 kinds


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