30 pieces Prepared Slides of typical insects

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Variety of insects, animal histology
Long-term preservation
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The Prepared Slides of typical insects set comes with 30 professionally prepared and stained tissue specimen slides in a hard plastic case that keeps them safe and organized.

1 insect, antennae filiform, w.m.
2 insect, antennae moniliform, w.m.
3 insect, antennae pectinate, w.m.
4 insect, antennae clavate, w.m.
5 insect, antennae geniculate, w.m.
6 insect, antennae lamellate, w.m.
7 insect, antennae plumose, w.m.
8 butterfly, wing, w.m.
9 membranous wing of honeybee w.m.
10 coriaceous wing of grasshopper w.m.
11 pseudohalteres of housefly w.m.
12 insect, spiracle and trachea, w.m.
13 insect (grasshopper), ovary, c.s.
14 mosquito female, w.m.
15 mosquito male, w.m.
16 mosquito female mouthparts, w.m.
17 mosquito male mouthparts, w.m.
18 butterfly mouth parts, w.m.
19 honey bee mouthparts, w.m.
20 house fly. mouthparts. w.m.
21 testis locusta migratoria, sec.
22 insect compound eye, sec.
23 house fly, w.m.
24 drosophila (fruit fly), w.m.
25 insect digging leg, w.m.
26 insect walking leg, w.m.
27 insect swimming leg, w.m.
28 insect leaping leg, w.m.
29 insect tale pollen leg, w.m.
30 Malpighian tube of grasshopper w.m.

End of the list.
c.s. – cross-section
sec. – section
w.m. – whole mount
l.s. – longitudinal section

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