50pcs veterinary pathology slides


50pcs makes a set
Recommend to veterinarian


50pcs Veterinary pathology slides

This is a prepared set of 50 pcs of animal pathology prepared microscope slides. All the slides we offer are professionally hand mounted, accurately stained, and individually labeled. Perfect material for student study in class and pathologist training. All the veterinary pathology slides include this set was collected from diseased animals, popular and scarce animal disease, recommend to veterinarian or student who learning veterinary.


What’s include in 50pcs Veterinary pathology slides

APH-01 Acute cyanotic kidney sec.(pig)
APH-02 Chronic venous congestion of liver sec.
APH-03 Acute venous congestion of liver sec.(pig)
APH-04 pulmonary congestion of the lung sec.
APH-05 Renal Anemic Infarct sec.(sheep)
APH-06 Acute viral hepatitis sec.
APH-07 Acute poisoning hepatitis sec.
APH-08 Lymph nodes hemorrhage
APH-09 cloudy swelling of liver sec.
APH-10 cloudy swelling of kidney sec.
APH-11 liver fatty degeneration sec.
APH-12 The spleen amyloidosis
APH-13 Nephrapostasis sec.
APH-14 granulation tissue sec.
APH-15 Hepatocyte swelling(fish)
APH-16 Acute lymphadenitis sec.
APH-17 Acute splenitis sec.
APH-18 Interstitial pneumonia sec.
APH-19 Fibrinous pleurisy sec.(lung)
APH-20 Serous Hemorrhagic pneumonia sec.
APH-21 Acute glomerulonephritis sec.
APH-22 Suppurative nephritis sec.
APH-23 nonsuppurative encephalitis sec.
APH-24 parenchymatous myocarditis
APH-25 interstitial myocarditis
APH-26 Chronic pyelonephritis sec.
APH-27 Necrotizing lymphadenitis sec.
APH-28 acute catarrhal gastritis
APH-29 chronic illness periosteum enteritis
APH-30 crescentic glomerulonephritis
APH-31 Acute Diffuse hyperplastic glomerular nephritis sec.
APH-32 ulcerative endocarditis
APH-33 purulent meningitis
APH-34 epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis
APH-35 fibrocellular tumor
APH-36 squamous cell carcinoma
APH-37 Melanoma sec.
APH-38 fibrosarcoma sec.
APH-39 fungal granuloma(fung)
APH-40 Acute alveolar emphysema
APH-41 fibrinous pneumonia
APH-42 interstitial emphysema
APH-43 phthisis sec.
APH-44 Bacterial enteritis(fish)
APH-45 Chicken myocardial marek’s disease
APH-46 Chicken liver marek’s disease
APH-47 Lymphocytic leukemia chicken liver
APH-48 Bursa of fabricius bursa of fabricius
APH-49 Swine fever lymph node
APH-50 Swine fever kidney
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