30pcs mineral slides grinding for microscope

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30pcs mineral slides
Mounted by a professional technician
Sealed with special coverslips
Individually labeled


30pcs mineral slides grinding for microscope

Every piece was grinding to 5-8 micron and sealed with a coverslip for permanent storage. Mineral stone grinding thin section shows the crystals with combination and arrangement in the rule, which can be clearly explained the surface distribution and mineral names, the difference and changes can be also checked by the spread of Geology and geomorphology.

MS30-01 Actinolite
MS30-02 Albite
MS30-03 Almandine Chlorite Schist
MS30-04 Altered Diorite
MS30-05 Amphibolite
MS30-06 Arkose
MS30-07 Augite
MS30-08 Biotite Plagioclase Gneiss
MS30-09 Biotite Schist
MS30-10 Chlorite-Garnet Schist
MS30-11 Dacite Porphyrite
MS30-12 Diorite-Porphyrite
MS30-13 Glauconite
MS30-14 Greywacke
MS30-15 Magnesite
MS30-16 Monzonite
MS30-17 Muscovite-Quartz Schist
MS30-18 Nepheline Syenite
MS30-19 Plagioclase
MS30-20 Porphyritic Granite
MS30-21 Staurolite Schist
MS30-22 Aplite
MS30-23 Diopside
MS30-24 Eclogite
MS30-25 Epidote
MS30-26 Hornblende
MS30-27 Kyanite
MS30-28 Microcline
MS30-29 Plagioclase Granite
MS30-30 Spotted Hornfels

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Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions15 × 20 × 10 cm


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