30pcs bacteriology slides


Cultivate and nature bacteria
Individually labeled
Recommended for schools

30pcs bacteriology slides

What’s include:
MI-01 Pneumococcus
MI-02 Streptococcus
MI-03 bacillus Anthracis
MI-04 Candida Albicans
MI-05 Clostridium Botulinum
MI-06 Clostridium Tetanus
MI-07 Corynebacterium Diphtheriae
MI-08 Cryptococcus Neoformans
MI-09 Eschcrichia Coli
MI-10 Mycobacterium Tuherculosis
MI-11 Neisseria Gonorrhoeae
MI-12 Neisseria Meningitidis
MI-13 proteus
MI-14 Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
MI-15 Salmonella typhi
MI-16 Staphylococcus Aureus
MI-17 Dysentery Bacteria
MI-18 Salmonella Paratyphi
MI-19 Bacillus Subtilis
MI-20 Flagella
MI-21 Lymphocyte Transformation
MI-22 Botulinum Spore
MI-23 Tetanus Spore
MI-24 Anthrax Spore
MI-25 Bacteria Three Type Smear
MI-26 Staphy lococcus
MI-27 Mouse Salmonella Typhi
MI-28 Rhizobium Meliloti
MI-29 Bordetella Pertussis
MI-30 Vibrio Cholerae

End of the list.

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Dimensions 15 × 20 × 10 cm


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