100pcs advanced botany prepared microscope slides


botany prepared slides
mono and dicot plant
pollen and algae
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100pcs advanced botany prepared microscope slides

Variety mono and dicot plant stem, leaf and root, botany plant pathology prepared microscope slides, each fully carefully hand made, affordable long-term preservation.

What’s included in botany prepared microscope slides:

PB-01 Euglena
PB-02 Chlamydomonas
PB-03 Chlorella
PB-04 Spirogyra w.m.
PB-05 Spirogyra coupling reproduction mounting
PB-06 Closterium w.m.
PB-07 Laminaria japonica sec
PB-08 Rhizopus nigricans w.m.
PB-09 Saccharomycete
PB-10 Penicillium
PB-11 Aspergillus
PB-12 Puccinia graminis w.m.
PB-13 Erysiphe w.m.
PB-14 Wheat ustilago tritici w.m.
PB-15 Maize ustilago tritici w.m.
PB-16 Wheat leaf puccinia graminis sec
PB-17 lichen cut-sheet
PB-18 Marchantia sec showing antheridia
PB-19 Moss capsule l.s.
PB-20 Salvinia sporocarps l.s.
PB-21 Fern leaf c.s.
PB-22 Ginkgo Leaf x.s.
PB-23 Ginkgo Petiole c.s.
PB-24 Pine needle leaf c.s.
PB-25 Mulberry leaf c.s.
PB-26 Pine stem c.s.
PB-27 Pine male strobil l.s.
PB-28 Pine male strobil c.s.
PB-29 Pine female strobil l.s.
PB-30 Pine female strobil c.s.
PB-31 Pine maturepollen grains w.m.
PB-32 Dicotyledonous root c.s.
PB-33 Brassica root c.s.
PB-34 Pumpkin root c.s.
PB-35 Pumpkin root l.s.
PB-36 Cotton root c.s.
PB-37 Carrot root c.s.
PB-38 Sunflower root c.s.
PB-39 Ipomoea batatas root c.s.
PB-40 Clover root c.s.
PB-41 Mulberry root c.s.
PB-42 Tobacco mature root c.s.
PB-43 Phaseolus root c.s.
PB-44 Taraxacum root c.s.
PB-45 Vicia faba young root c.s.
PB-46 Monocotyledon root c.s.
PB-47 Onion root tip l.s.
PB-48 Onion root tip c.s.
PB-49 Rice root c.s.
PB-50 Triticum root c.s.
PB-51 Maize root tip l.s.
PB-52 Maize seed l.s.
PB-53 Dicotyledon stem c.s.
PB-54 Brassica stem c.s.
PB-55 Cotton stem c.s.
PB-56 Pumpkin stem c.s.
PB-57 Pumpkin stem l.s.
PB-58 Aquatic plant stem c.s.
PB-59 Glycinemax stem c.s.
PB-60 Sunflower stem l.s.
PB-61 ipomoea batatas stem c.s.
PB-62 Clover stem c.s.
PB-63 Phaseolus stem c.s.
PB-64 Nerium Stem x.s.
PB-65 Nymphaea stem c.s.
PB-66 Populus stem c.s.
PB-67 Potato tub sec
PB-68 Tilia (3) years Stem c.s.
PB-69 Tilia old stem c.s.
PB-70 Vicia faba stem c.s.
PB-71 Monocotyledon stem c.s.
PB-72 Hydrilla terminal Bud l.s.
PB-73 Rice stem c.s.
PB-74 Monocotyledon leaves c.s.
PB-75 Dicotyledon leaves c.s.
PB-76 Onion epidermis w.m.
PB-77 Brassica leaf c.s.
PB-78 Camphor leaf c.s.
PB-79 Cotton leaf c.s.
PB-80 Aquatic plant leaf c.s.
PB-81 Ficus elastica leaf c.s.
PB-82 Ligustrum leaf c.s.
PB-83 Lilium leaf c.s.
PB-84 Clover leaf c.s.
PB-85 Nerium leaf x.s.
PB-86 Phaseolus leaf c.s.
PB-87 Peanut leaf c.s.
PB-88 Rice leaf c.s.
PB-89 Rose leaf c.s.
PB-90 Populus leaves c.s.
PB-91 Lilac leaf c.s.
PB-92 Triticum leaf c.s.
PB-93 Winter jasmine c.s.
PB-94 Cycas Revoluta Leaf c.s.
PB-95 Broad bean underleaf epidermis w.m.
PB-96 Lilium pollen grains w.m.
PB-97 Variety mixed pollen w.m.
PB-98 Brassica flower c.s.
PB-99 Maize flower c.s.
PB-100 Shepherd’s purse bud c.s.

End of list of 100pcs advanced botany prepared microscope slides.

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Useful knowledge of Prepared microscope slides

C.S. = Cross Section: slide shows a thin section through the transverse plane of an organism or tissue.
L.S. = Longitudinal Section: slide shows a vertical section of the organism along the longest plane.
C.S. & L.S. = Cross Section and Longitudinal Section on the same slide for comparison
W.M. = Whole Mount: slide shows an entire organism or structure, as indicated, is preserved on the slide

About us:

Microscope Prepared Slides Manufacturer from China

What we have is shown following:


Different Categories Quantity
Botany 868 kinds
Histology 375 kinds
Zoology 459 kinds
Human Pathology 269 kinds
Mitosis&Meiosis 66 kinds
Embryology 33 kinds
Microbiology 100 kinds
Cell Biology&Genetics 64 kinds
Botany Pathology 373 kinds
Oral Pathology 95 kinds
Hematology 59 kinds
Animal Pathology 68 kinds
Petrology, rocks thin sections 191 kinds


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 20 × 10 cm


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