Phanerogamae prepared microscope slides, Elementary Set


Phanerogamae, Elementary Set
Plant cells, cell division, cell walls
roots, stems and vascular bundles


Phanerogamae prepared microscope slides, Elementary Set

Plant cells, cell division, cell walls, metabolic products in the cell, roots, stems and vascular bundles, leaves, flowers and fruits, seeds,

What’s include:
PE-01 Simple plant cells, epidermis of Allium cepa w.m.
PE-02 Cell division (mitosis) all stages, in Allium root tips l.s.
PE-03 Starch grains, in t.s. of potato tuber
PE-04 Cork cells, in sec. of bark of Quercus
PE-05 Stone cells, in sec. of fruit of Pirinus (pear)
PE-06 Root hairs on root tip
PE-07 Zea mays, corn, typical monocot root t.s.
PE-08 Ranunculus, buttercup, typical dicot root t.s.
PE-09 Zea mays, corn, typical monocot stem t.s.
PE-10 Triticum, wheat, gramineous stem t.s.
PE-11 Tilia one year stem t.s.
PE-12 Tilia older stem t.s.
PE-13 Cucurbita, pumpkin, stem with bundles and sieve tubes l.s.
PE-14 Sambucus, elderberry, stem with lenticels t.s.
PE-15 Tulipa, tulip, leaf epidermis with stomata and guard cells w.m.
PE-16 Zea mays, corn, leaf t.s., a monocot gramineous leaf
PE-17 Syringa, lilac, leaf t.s., a typical dicot leaf
PE-18 Pinus, mature embryo with endosperm t.s.
PE-19 Lilium, lily, flower bud t.s. shows flower diagram
PE-20 Lilium, lily, anthers t.s. shows pollen chambers and pollen grains
PE-21 Lilium, lily, ovary t.s. showing embryosac for general study
PE-22 Lilium, lily, stigma with pollen and pollen tubes l.s.
PE-23 Pinus, pine, leaf (needle) t.s.
PE-24 Triticum, wheat, grain (semen) t.s. shows embryo and endosperm
PE-25 Capsella, shepherd’s purse, l.s. of embryos in situ
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