50pcs advanced human pathology slides for medical students


50pcs with 12 system
For medical student study
For Pathologist training


50pcs advanced human pathology slides for medical students

This is a wonderful set of 50 pieces of human pathology prepared microscope slides. All the slides we offer are professionally hand mounted, accurately stained, and individually labeled. Perfect material for student study in class and pathologist training.

1, injury and repair of cell and tissue
PH50-01 Human hyperplasia of prostate sec.
PH50-02 Squamous metaplasia of bronchus sec.
PH50-03 Human granulation tissue sec.
PH50-04 Human glandular cancer sec.
PH50-05 Human renal tubular epithelial cells
PH50-06 Human liver cell fatty degeneration sec.
2, disturbances of blood circulation
PH50-07 Renal anemic infarct sec.
3, diseases of immmunity
PH50-08 Malignant lymphoma sec.
PH50-09 Lymph node tuberculosis sec.
4, inflammation
PH50-10 Nephrapostasis sec.
PH50-11 Chronic appendicitis sec.
PH50-12 Rheumatic endocarditis sec.
PH50-13 Chronic pyelonephritis sec.
PH50-14 Foreign body granuloma sec.
PH50-15 Acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis sec.
PH50-16 Semi-organized fibrous pericarditis sec.
PH50-17 Fibrinous pleurisy sec.
PH50-18 Lobster pneumonia
PH50-19 Lung abscess sec.
5, tumor
PH50-20 Basal cell carcinoma sec.
PH50-21 Leiomyosarcoma sec.
PH50-22 Melanoma sec.
PH50-23 Arterial thrombosis
6, diseases of cardiovascular system
PH50-24 atherosclerosis sec.
PH50-25 Rheumatic myocarditis sec.

7, diseases of respiratory system
PH50-26 Lung cancer sec.
PH50-27 Anthracosis sec.
PH50-28 Squamous cell carcinoma of lung sec.
PH50-29 Pulmonary emphysema sec.
PH50-30 Squamous cell carcinoma
PH50-31 Pulmonary tuberculosis
PH50-32 Bronchogenic carcinoma
8, disease of digestive system
PH50-33 Intestinal cancer sec.
PH50-34 Hepatocirrhosis sec.
PH50-35 Chronic active hepatitis sec.
PH50-36 Acute hepatic edema sec.
PH50-37 Chronic hepatic edema sec
PH50-38 Alcoholic hepatitis sec.
PH50-39 Villous adenoma sec.
PH50-40 Adenocarcinoma of esophagus
PH50-41 Carcinoma-in-situ
9, diseases of haemopoietic system
PH50-42 Hodgkin lymphoma sec.
10, diseases of urinary system
PH50-43 Diffuse sclerosing glomerular nephritis sec.
PH50-44 Acute pyelonephritis sec.
PH50-45 Carcinoma of urinary bladder sec.
11,disease of genital system
PH50-46 Breast cancer sec.
PH50-47 Carcinoma in-situ of cervix sec.
PH50-48 Prostatic cancer(poorly differentiated)
PH50-49 Chronic cervicitis
12, diseases of nervous system
PH50-50 Purulent meningitis sec.

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