Basic 40pcs human histology slides

When compiling the series, basically only top quality, histologically fixed material was used for the preparation of the slides. The cutting thickness of the microtome sections is normally 6 – 8 μm. The use of special staining methods guarantees a clear, multicolored representation of all tissue structures. This slide series occupies a special position due both to the quality of the original material and also with regard to the carefulness of the preparation.

What’s include:
HS-01 Squamous epithelium, human, isolated cells
HS-02 Areolar connective tissue, human w.m.
HS-03 Hyaline cartilage, human t.s.
HS-04 Compact bone, human t.s.
HS-05 Striated muscle, human l.s.
HS-06 Heart muscle, human l.s. and t.s.
HS-07 Artery, human t.s.
HS-08 Vein, human t.s.
HS-09 Lung, human t.s.
HS-10 Blood smear, human
HS-11 Spleen, human t.s.
HS-12 Thyroid gland, human t.s.
HS-13 Thymus gland from human child t.s.
HS-14 Tongue, human t.s.
HS-15 Tooth, human l.s.
HS-16 Parotid, human gland t.s.
HS-17 Esophagus, human t.s.
HS-18 Stomach, human, fundic region t.s.
HS-19 Duodenum, human t.s. (small intestine)
HS-20 Colon, human t.s. (large intestine)
HS-21 Pancreas, human t.s.
HS-22 Liver, human t.s.
HS-23 Vermiform appendix, human t.s.
HS-24 Kidney, human t.s.
HS-25 Adrenal (suprarenal) gland, human t.s.
HS-26 Ovary, human t.s.
HS-27 Uterus, human t.s.
HS-28 Placenta, human t.s.
HS-29 Testis, human t.s.
HS-30 Epididymis, human t.s.
HS-31 Cerebrum, human t.s.
HS-32 Cerebellum, human t.s.
HS-33 Spinal cord, human t.s.
HS-34 Sympathetic ganglion, human t.s.
HS-35 Skin of palm, human t.s.
HS-36 Scalp, human, l.s. of hair follicles
HS-37 Scalp, human, t.s. of hair follicles
HS-38 Retina, human t.s.
HS-39 Fingertip from fetus with nail development l.s.
HS-40 Mammary gland, human t.s.

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