30 pieces Prepared Slides of typical plant and tissues


Typical plants sections
Mono and dicot plant
Leaf, stem and root
Recommend to Junior schools


The Prepared Slides of the typical plant and tissues set come with 30 professionally prepared and stained tissue specimen slides in a hard plastic case that keeps them safe and organized. 

Listed below are the content specimens of the 30 pieces of Prepared Slides of typical plants and tissues.

PT-01 Hydra w.m.
PT-02 Paramecium w.m.
PT-03 Earthworm c.s.
PT-04 Daphnia and cyclops in comparison w.m.
PT-05 Frogskin w.m.
PT-06 Mammal compact bone c.s.
PT-07 Human cornified skin l.s.
PT-08 Human blood smear
PT-09 Simple squamous epithelium s.m.
PT-10 Stratified squamous epithelium sec.
PT-11 Small intestine c.s. H.E.
PT-12 Artery and vein c.s.
PT-13 Motor neuron
PT-14 Penicillium w.m.
PT-15 Lower epiderm of Vicia faba leaf w.m.
PT-16 Spirogyra w.m.
PT-17 Rhizopus mold w.m.
PT-18 Lichen sec.
PT-19 Ginkgo stem c.s.
PT-20 Zea mays corn root tip l.s.
PT-21 Mulberry root c.s.
PT-22 Tilia stem c.s.
PT-23 Sunflower stem c.s.
PT-24 Ligustrum leaf c.s.
PT-25 Fern leaf c.s.
PT-26 Allium epidermis w.m.
PT-27 Onion root tip L.S. show mitosis
PT-28 Plasmodesmata l.s. silver stain
PT-29 Bacteria three types of w.m.
PT-30 Coprinus sec. (mushroom)

End of the list.
c.s. – cross-section
l.s. – longitudinal section
sec. – section
w.m. – whole mount

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