Affordable 263pcs human pathology teaching slides wholesale, Factory Outlets


Pathology teaching slides
14 system of the human body
Individually labeled
Recommend to: doctors, teachers and students


Affordable 263pcs human pathology teaching slides wholesale, Factory Outlets

The Pathology teaching slides we offer are professionally hand mounted, accurately stained, and individually labeled. Our microscope pathology slides are great for medical students, It has an excellent introduction of human disease in microscopy. The Pathology teaching slides are cover-slipped and preserved in cedarwood oil. All slides are carefully labeled for easy reference and are arranged in a fine plastic box with separator. This pathology teaching slides set is a rare mix of 263 pathology biopsy slides. It is excellent for educational use and is perfect for all levels of medical student study including home school programs.

What’s included in this 263pcs pathology teaching slides set:

1, Injury and repair of cell and tissue

WPH-01 Human myocardial hypertrophy sec.
WPH-02 Human hyperplasia of prostate sec.
WPH-03 Squamous metaplasia of bronchus sec.
WPH-04 Human liver cell hydropic degeneration sec.
WPH-05 Human liver cell fatty degeneration sec.
WPH-06 Cardiac muscle fatty degeneration sec.
WPH-07 Connective tissue vitreous degeneration sec.
WPH-08 Vitreous degeneration of central arterys of spleen sec.
WPH-09 Vitreous degeneration of renal arteriole sec.
WPH-10 Vitreous degeneration of tubular epithelial cell sec.
WPH-11 Human fibrinoid degeneration sec.
WPH-12 Human mucoid degeneration sec.
WPH-13 Liquefactive Necrosis of Brain sec.
WPH-14 Human granulation tissue sec.
WPH-15 Human tissue system histiocytosis
WPH-16 Human bronchiectasis sec.
WPH-17 Human osseous metaplasia sec.
WPH-18 Human intestinal metaplasia sec.
WPH-19 Human pathologic calcification sec.
WPH-20 Human glandular cancer sec.
WPH-21 Human renal tubule epithelium edema sec.
WPH-22 Human vertebral tuberculosis sec.
WPH-23 Human cloudy swelling of kidney sec.
WPH-24 Human kidney granular degeneration sec.
WPH-25 Human liver granular degeneration sec.
WPH-26 Human granulomatous inflammation sec.
WPH-27 Human spleen(kidney)coagulative necrosis sec.
WPH-28 Human brown atrophy of myocardium sec.
WPH-29 Cheesy necrosis of lymph gland sec.
WPH-30 Myocardial brown atrophy
WPH-31 Human renal tubular epithelial cells
WPH-32 Hyaline degeneration of arteriole of human spleen(kidney)
WPH-33 Hyaline degeneration of splenic capsule sec.
WPH-34 Human signet ring cell cancer
WPH-35 Human osteotylus sec.
WPH-36 scar tissue

2, Disturbances of Blood circulation

WPH-37 Chronic pulmonary congestion of the lung sec.
WPH-38 Acute liver congestion
WPH-39 Chronic venous congestion of liver sec.
WPH-40 Mixed thrombus sec.
WPH-41 Hyaline thrombus sec.
WPH-42 Hemorrhagic infarct of lung sec.
WPH-43 Renal Anemic Infarct sec.
WPH-44 Pulmonary edema sec.
WPH-45 Human thrombus sec.
WPH-46 Sanguineous apoplexy sec.
WPH-47 Anemic infarct of spleen sec.
WPH-48 Pulmonary congestion(heart-failure cells)sec.
WPH-49 Pulmonary amniotic embolism sec.
WPH-50 Human infarct of brain
WPH-51 Organized thrombus sec.
WPH-52 Intravenous thrombus sec.

3, Diseases of Immmunity

WPH-53 Lymph node hemorrhage
WPH-54 Adenocarcinoma of lymph gland sec.
WPH-55 Human Necrotizing lymphadenitis sec.
WPH-56 Malignant lymphoma sec.
WPH-57 Lymph node tuberculosis sec.
WPH-58 Metastatic carcinoma of lymph node sec.
WPH-59 Oral adenoma sec.
WPH-60 Splenic infarction sec.
WPH-61 Myocardial infarction sec.

4, Inflammation

WPH-62 Fibrinous pleurisy sec.
WPH-63 Phlegmon of appendix sec.
WPH-64 Liver abscess sec.
WPH-65 Chronic granulo matosis sec.
WPH-66 Granuloma sec.
WPH-67 Nephrapostasis sec.
WPH-68 Lung abscess sec.
WPH-69 Chronic glomerulonephritis sec.
WPH-70 Chronic pyelonephritis sec.
WPH-71 Human aortitis sec.
WPH-72 Rheumatic endocarditis sec.
WPH-73 Bacterial myocarditis sec.
WPH-74 lobster pneumonia
WPH-75 lobar pneumonia
WPH-76 Acute nephritis sec.
WPH-77 Acute glomerulonephritis sec.
WPH-78 Chronic appendicitis sec.
WPH-79 Ordinary gastritis sec.
WPH-80 Acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis sec.
WPH-81 Chronic cholecystitis sec.
WPH-82 Inflammatory polyp sec.
WPH-83 Liver cyst formation sec.
WPH-84 Semi-organized fibrous pericarditis sec.
WPH-85 Acute phlegmonous appendicitis sec.
WPH-86 Brain abscess sec.
WPH-87 Bacillary dysentery sec.
WPH-88 Epidemic encephalitis sec.
WPH-89 Encephalitis B sec.
WPH-90 Foreign body granuloma sec.
WPH-91 Human inflammatory cell of all kinds sec.
WPH-92 Human scar sec.
WPH-93 Suppurative appendicitis sec.

5, Tumor

WPH-94 Cutaneous papillomatosis sec.
WPH-95 Polypous adenoma of intestine sec.
WPH-96 Epidermoid carcinoma sec.
WPH-97 Mastoscirrhus sec.
WPH-98 Fibroma sec.
WPH-99 Lipoma sec.
WPH-100 Fibrosarcoma sec.
WPH-101 Embryonal-cell lipoma sec.
WPH-102 Malignancy cell sec.
WPH-103 Fibroadenoma of breast sec.
WPH-104 Acute viral hepatitis sec.
WPH-105 Leiomyosarcoma sec.
WPH-106 Skin squamous cytoma sec.
WPH-107 Stomach mucous carcinoma sec.
WPH-108 Cornifying squamous cell carcinoma sec.
WPH-109 Basal cell carcinoma sec.
WPH-110 Breast adenofibroma sec.
WPH-111 Squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus sec.
WPH-112 Lymph node metastases
WPH-113 Sarcomatoid carcinoma sec.
WPH-114 Colon adenocarcinoma sec.
WPH-115 Melanoma sec.

6, Diseases of Cardiovascular System

WPH-116 Atherosclerosis sec.
WPH-117 Rheumatic myocarditis sec.
WPH-118 Angioma sec.
WPH-119 Coronary atherosclerosis sec.
WPH-120 Granular contracted kidney sec.
WPH-121 Fibrinoid necrosis of vascular wall sec.

7, Diseases of Respiratory System

WPH-122 Squamous cell carcinoma of nasopharynx sec.
WPH-123 Chronic bronchitis sec.
WPH-124 Diffuse pulmonary emphysema sec.
WPH-125 Lobar pneumonia sec.
WPH-126 Lobar pneumonia(red liver period)sec.
WPH-127 Lobar pneumonia(grey liver period)sec.
WPH-128 Bronchial pneumonia(lobular pnermonia)sec.
WPH-129 Viral pneumonia sec.
WPH-130 Silicosis sec.
WPH-131 Asbestosis sec.
WPH-132 Squamous cell carcinoma of lung sec.
WPH-133 Small cell lung cancer sec.
WPH-134 Adenocarcinoma of lung sec.
WPH-135 Anthracosis sec.
WPH-136 Lung cancer sec.
WPH-137 Nasal polyp sec.
WPH-138 Acute pulmonary hemorrhage sec.
WPH-139 Smoking lung L.S.
WPH-140 White plague(tubercle)sec.
WPH-141 Pneumonokoniosis sec.
WPH-142 Lung adenosquamous carcinoma sec.
WPH-143 Lung adenosquamous carcinoma(3rd-degree)sec.
WPH-144 Cheesy necrosis of nodule sec.
WPH-145 Tuberculous pneumonia sec.
WPH-146 Miliary tuberculosa sec.
WPH-147 Pulmonary emphysema sec.
WPH-148 Tuberculous pleurisy sec.
WPH-149 Focal pulmonary tuberculosis sec.
WPH-150 Squamous metaplasia of bronchial mucous epithelium sec.
WPH-151 Caseous pneumonia sec.
WPH-152 Interstitial pneumonia sec.
WPH-153 Fibrous pneumonia sec.

8, Disease of Digestive System

WPH-154 Esophagus cancer sec.
WPH-155 Epidermoid carcinoma of esophagus sec.
WPH-156 Ileotyphus sec.
WPH-157 Chronic atrophic gastritis sec.
WPH-158 Chronic gastric ulcer sec.
WPH-159 Adenocarcinoma of stomach sec.
WPH-160 Acute simple appendicitis sec.
WPH-161 Regional enteritis sec.
WPH-162 Fibrinous enteritis sec.
WPH-163 Carcinoid of colon sec.
WPH-164 Rectal adenocarcinoma sec.
WPH-165 Intestinal cancer sec.
WPH-166 Virus hepatitis sec.
WPH-167 Chronic active hepatitis sec.
WPH-168 Acute mild hepatitis sec.
WPH-169 Acute fatal hepatitis sec.
WPH-170 Alcoholic hepatitis sec.
WPH-171 Portal cirrhosis
WPH-172 Laennec’s cirrhosis sec.
WPH-173 Liver cancer sec.
WPH-174 Bacterial dysentery
WPH-175 Hepatic congestion sec.
WPH-176 Hepatocirrhosis sec.
WPH-177 Hepatic schistosomiasis sec.
WPH-178 Hepatic edema sec.
WPH-179 Cheesy necrosis sec.
WPH-180 Well-differentiated adenocarcinoma of intestine sec.
WPH-181 Moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma of intestine sec.
WPH-182 Poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of intestine sec.
WPH-183 Villous adenoma sec.
WPH-184 Acute general hepatitis sec.
WPH-185 Chronic poisoning hepatitis sec.
WPH-186 Subacute poisoning hepatitis sec.
WPH-187 Micronodular cirrhosis sec.
WPH-188 Cloudy swelling of liver sec.
WPH-189 Cholangiocarcinoma sec.
WPH-190 Hepatocellular carcinoma sec.
WPH-191 Necrosis of liver cells sec.
WPH-192 Pseudomembranous colitis sec.
WPH-193 Hepatocholangio carcinoma
WPH-194 Colonic pseudomembrane

9, Diseases of Haemopoietic System

WPH-195 Non-Hodgkin lymphoma sec.
WPH-196 Hodgkin lymphoma sec.

10, Diseases of Urinary System

WPH-197 Diffuse hyperplastic glomerular nephritis sec.
WPH-198 Diffuse sclerosing glomerular nephritis sec.
WPH-199 Acute pyelonephritis sec.
WPH-200 Renal clear cell carcinoma sec.
WPH-201 Wilms’ tumor sec.
WPH-202 Transitional cell carcinoma of bladder(1st-degree)sec.
WPH-203 Transitional cell carcinoma of bladder(2ed-degree)sec.
WPH-204 Transitional cell carcinoma of bladder(3rd-degree)sec.
WPH-205 Kidney stone w.m.
WPH-206 Renal tuberculosis sec.
WPH-207 Pressure atrophy of kidney sec.
WPH-208 Clear-cell carcinoma sec.
WPH-209 Carcinoma of urinary bladder sec.
WPH-210 Hypertension diseased kidney sec.
WPH-211 Interstitial nephritis sec.
WPH-212 Diffuse capillary hyperplastic glomerular nephritis sec.
WPH-213 chronic nephritis
WPH-214 renal hemorrhage

11, Disease of Genital System

WPH-215 Endometrial hyperplasia sec.
WPH-216 leiomyoma of uterus
WPH-217 Carcinoma in-situ of cervix sec.
WPH-218 Cervical squamous cancer sec.
WPH-219 Adenocarcinoma of cervix sec.
WPH-220 Adenocarcinoma of endometrium sec.
WPH-221 Choriocarcinoma sec.
WPH-222 Papillary serous cystadenocarcinoma of the ovary
WPH-223 mucinous cystadenoma of ovary
WPH-224 Endodermal sinus tumor sec.
WPH-225 Fibroadenosis of breast sec.
WPH-226 Invasive ductal carcinoma sec.
WPH-227 comedocarcinoma of breast
WPH-228 Medullary carcinoma of breast sec.
WPH-229 Seminoma sec.
WPH-230 Congenital agenesis of testis(47, XXYtype)
WPH-231 Prostatic cancer(well-differentiated)
WPH-232 Prostatic cancer(poorly differentiated)
WPH-233 Breast cancer sec.
WPH-234 Hydatidiform mole sec.
WPH-235 Polyp of cervix sec.
WPH-236 Cervical erosion sec.
WPH-237 Ovarian cyst sec.
WPH-238 Chronic endometritis sec.
WPH-239 Pointed condyloma sec.
WPH-240 Squamous cell metaplasia of cervical mucosa sec.
WPH-241 Adenomyosis sec.
WPH-242 Teratoma sec.

12, Diseases of Endocrine System

WPH-243 Endemic goiter sec.
WPH-244 Toxic goiter sec.
WPH-245 Thyroid adenoma sec.
WPH-246 Papillary adenocarcinoma of thyroid gland sec.
WPH-247 Follicular adenocarcinoma sec.
WPH-248 Adrenal cortical adenomas sec.
WPH-249 Adrenal cortical carcinoma sec.
WPH-250 Hypophyseal adenoma sec.
WPH-251 Simple goiter sec.
WPH-252 Fibrous thyroiditis sec.
WPH-253 Thyroid adenocarcinoma sec.

13, Diseases of Nervous System

WPH-254 Purulent meningitis sec.
WPH-255 Epidemic encephalitis B sec.
WPH-256 Meningeoma sec.
WPH-257 Neurinoma sec.
WPH-258 Neurofibroma sec.
WPH-259 Neuroastrocytoma sec.

14, Diseases of Muscalar and Skeletal System

WPH-260 Osteochondroma sec.
WPH-261 Osteogenic sarcoma sec.
WPH-262 Giant cell tumor of bone sec.
WPH-263 Chondrosarcoma sec.

End of the list of human pathology slides.

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