263pcs high-quality Human pathology slides for university

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Human Pathology Slides
14 system of the human body
Individually labeled


263pcs high-quality Human pathology slides for university

How to prepared human pathology slides:
1, a piece diseased human tissue
2, embedded the tissue in a paraffin block
3, slice to 5-7um with the Leica slicer
4, stain with hematoxylin-eosin
5, use a coverslip to fix the slides

What’s include in this human pathology slides set:

1, Injury and repair of cell and tissue

WPH-01 Human myocardial hypertrophy sec.
WPH-02 Human hyperplasia of prostate sec.
WPH-03 Squamous metaplasia of bronchus sec.
WPH-04 Human liver cell hydropic degeneration sec.
WPH-05 Human liver cell fatty degeneration sec.
WPH-06 Cardiac muscle fatty degeneration sec.
WPH-07 Connective tissue vitreous degeneration sec.
WPH-08 Vitreous degeneration of central arterys of spleen sec.
WPH-09 Vitreous degeneration of renal arteriole sec.
WPH-10 Vitreous degeneration of tubular epithelial cell sec.
WPH-11 Human fibrinoid degeneration sec.
WPH-12 Human mucoid degeneration sec.
WPH-13 Liquefactive Necrosis of Brain sec.
WPH-14 Human granulation tissue sec.
WPH-15 Human tissue system histiocytosis
WPH-16 Human bronchiectasis sec.
WPH-17 Human osseous metaplasia sec.
WPH-18 Human intestinal metaplasia sec.
WPH-19 Human pathologic calcification sec.
WPH-20 Human glandular cancer sec.
WPH-21 Human renal tubule epithelium edema sec.
WPH-22 Human vertebral tuberculosis sec.
WPH-23 Human cloudy swelling of kidney sec.
WPH-24 Human kidney granular degeneration sec.
WPH-25 Human liver granular degeneration sec.
WPH-26 Human granulomatous inflammation sec.
WPH-27 Human spleen(kidney)coagulative necrosis sec.
WPH-28 Human brown atrophy of myocardium sec.
WPH-29 Cheesy necrosis of lymph gland sec.
WPH-30 Myocardial brown atrophy
WPH-31 Human renal tubular epithelial cells
WPH-32 Hyaline degeneration of arteriole of human spleen(kidney)
WPH-33 Hyaline degeneration of splenic capsule sec.
WPH-34 Human signet ring cell cancer
WPH-35 Human osteotylus sec.
WPH-36 scar tissue

2, Disturbances of Blood circulation

WPH-37 Chronic pulmonary congestion of the lung sec.
WPH-38 Acute liver congestion
WPH-39 Chronic venous congestion of liver sec.
WPH-40 Mixed thrombus sec.
WPH-41 Hyaline thrombus sec.
WPH-42 Hemorrhagic infarct of lung sec.
WPH-43 Renal Anemic Infarct sec.
WPH-44 Pulmonary edema sec.
WPH-45 Human thrombus sec.
WPH-46 Sanguineous apoplexy sec.
WPH-47 Anemic infarct of spleen sec.
WPH-48 Pulmonary congestion(heart-failure cells)sec.
WPH-49 Pulmonary amniotic embolism sec.
WPH-50 Human infarct of brain
WPH-51 Organized thrombus sec.
WPH-52 Intravenous thrombus sec.

3, Diseases of Immmunity

WPH-53 Lymph node hemorrhage
WPH-54 Adenocarcinoma of lymph gland sec.
WPH-55 Human Necrotizing lymphadenitis sec.
WPH-56 Malignant lymphoma sec.
WPH-57 Lymph node tuberculosis sec.
WPH-58 Metastatic carcinoma of lymph node sec.
WPH-59 Oral adenoma sec.
WPH-60 Splenic infarction sec.
WPH-61 Myocardial infarction sec.

4, Inflammation

WPH-62 Fibrinous pleurisy sec.
WPH-63 Phlegmon of appendix sec.
WPH-64 Liver abscess sec.
WPH-65 Chronic granulo matosis sec.
WPH-66 Granuloma sec.
WPH-67 Nephrapostasis sec.
WPH-68 Lung abscess sec.
WPH-69 Chronic glomerulonephritis sec.
WPH-70 Chronic pyelonephritis sec.
WPH-71 Human aortitis sec.
WPH-72 Rheumatic endocarditis sec.
WPH-73 Bacterial myocarditis sec.
WPH-74 lobster pneumonia
WPH-75 lobar pneumonia
WPH-76 Acute nephritis sec.
WPH-77 Acute glomerulonephritis sec.
WPH-78 Chronic appendicitis sec.
WPH-79 Ordinary gastritis sec.
WPH-80 Acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis sec.
WPH-81 Chronic cholecystitis sec.
WPH-82 Inflammatory polyp sec.
WPH-83 Liver cyst formation sec.
WPH-84 Semi-organized fibrous pericarditis sec.
WPH-85 Acute phlegmonous appendicitis sec.
WPH-86 Brain abscess sec.
WPH-87 Bacillary dysentery sec.
WPH-88 Epidemic encephalitis sec.
WPH-89 Encephalitis B sec.
WPH-90 Foreign body granuloma sec.
WPH-91 Human inflammatory cell of all kinds sec.
WPH-92 Human scar sec.
WPH-93 Suppurative appendicitis sec.

5, Tumor

WPH-94 Cutaneous papillomatosis sec.
WPH-95 Polypous adenoma of intestine sec.
WPH-96 Epidermoid carcinoma sec.
WPH-97 Mastoscirrhus sec.
WPH-98 Fibroma sec.
WPH-99 Lipoma sec.
WPH-100 Fibrosarcoma sec.
WPH-101 Embryonal-cell lipoma sec.
WPH-102 Malignancy cell sec.
WPH-103 Fibroadenoma of breast sec.
WPH-104 Acute viral hepatitis sec.
WPH-105 Leiomyosarcoma sec.
WPH-106 Skin squamous cytoma sec.
WPH-107 Stomach mucous carcinoma sec.
WPH-108 Cornifying squamous cell carcinoma sec.
WPH-109 Basal cell carcinoma sec.
WPH-110 Breast adenofibroma sec.
WPH-111 Squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus sec.
WPH-112 Lymph node metastases
WPH-113 Sarcomatoid carcinoma sec.
WPH-114 Colon adenocarcinoma sec.
WPH-115 Melanoma sec.

6, Diseases of Cardiovascular System

WPH-116 Atherosclerosis sec.
WPH-117 Rheumatic myocarditis sec.
WPH-118 Angioma sec.
WPH-119 Coronary atherosclerosis sec.
WPH-120 Granular contracted kidney sec.
WPH-121 Fibrinoid necrosis of vascular wall sec.

7, Diseases of Respiratory System

WPH-122 Squamous cell carcinoma of nasopharynx sec.
WPH-123 Chronic bronchitis sec.
WPH-124 Diffuse pulmonary emphysema sec.
WPH-125 Lobar pneumonia sec.
WPH-126 Lobar pneumonia(red liver period)sec.
WPH-127 Lobar pneumonia(grey liver period)sec.
WPH-128 Bronchial pneumonia(lobular pnermonia)sec.
WPH-129 Viral pneumonia sec.
WPH-130 Silicosis sec.
WPH-131 Asbestosis sec.
WPH-132 Squamous cell carcinoma of lung sec.
WPH-133 Small cell lung cancer sec.
WPH-134 Adenocarcinoma of lung sec.
WPH-135 Anthracosis sec.
WPH-136 Lung cancer sec.
WPH-137 Nasal polyp sec.
WPH-138 Acute pulmonary hemorrhage sec.
WPH-139 Smoking lung L.S.
WPH-140 White plague(tubercle)sec.
WPH-141 Pneumonokoniosis sec.
WPH-142 Lung adenosquamous carcinoma sec.
WPH-143 Lung adenosquamous carcinoma(3rd-degree)sec.
WPH-144 Cheesy necrosis of nodule sec.
WPH-145 Tuberculous pneumonia sec.
WPH-146 Miliary tuberculosa sec.
WPH-147 Pulmonary emphysema sec.
WPH-148 Tuberculous pleurisy sec.
WPH-149 Focal pulmonary tuberculosis sec.
WPH-150 Squamous metaplasia of bronchial mucous epithelium sec.
WPH-151 Caseous pneumonia sec.
WPH-152 Interstitial pneumonia sec.
WPH-153 Fibrous pneumonia sec.

8, Disease of Digestive System

WPH-154 Esophagus cancer sec.
WPH-155 Epidermoid carcinoma of esophagus sec.
WPH-156 Ileotyphus sec.
WPH-157 Chronic atrophic gastritis sec.
WPH-158 Chronic gastric ulcer sec.
WPH-159 Adenocarcinoma of stomach sec.
WPH-160 Acute simple appendicitis sec.
WPH-161 Regional enteritis sec.
WPH-162 Fibrinous enteritis sec.
WPH-163 Carcinoid of colon sec.
WPH-164 Rectal adenocarcinoma sec.
WPH-165 Intestinal cancer sec.
WPH-166 Virus hepatitis sec.
WPH-167 Chronic active hepatitis sec.
WPH-168 Acute mild hepatitis sec.
WPH-169 Acute fatal hepatitis sec.
WPH-170 Alcoholic hepatitis sec.
WPH-171 Portal cirrhosis
WPH-172 Laennec’s cirrhosis sec.
WPH-173 Liver cancer sec.
WPH-174 Bacterial dysentery
WPH-175 Hepatic congestion sec.
WPH-176 Hepatocirrhosis sec.
WPH-177 Hepatic schistosomiasis sec.
WPH-178 Hepatic edema sec.
WPH-179 Cheesy necrosis sec.
WPH-180 Well-differentiated adenocarcinoma of intestine sec.
WPH-181 Moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma of intestine sec.
WPH-182 Poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of intestine sec.
WPH-183 Villous adenoma sec.
WPH-184 Acute general hepatitis sec.
WPH-185 Chronic poisoning hepatitis sec.
WPH-186 Subacute poisoning hepatitis sec.
WPH-187 Micronodular cirrhosis sec.
WPH-188 Cloudy swelling of liver sec.
WPH-189 Cholangiocarcinoma sec.
WPH-190 Hepatocellular carcinoma sec.
WPH-191 Necrosis of liver cells sec.
WPH-192 Pseudomembranous colitis sec.
WPH-193 Hepatocholangio carcinoma
WPH-194 Colonic pseudomembrane

9, Diseases of Haemopoietic System

WPH-195 Non-Hodgkin lymphoma sec.
WPH-196 Hodgkin lymphoma sec.

10, Diseases of Urinary System

WPH-197 Diffuse hyperplastic glomerular nephritis sec.
WPH-198 Diffuse sclerosing glomerular nephritis sec.
WPH-199 Acute pyelonephritis sec.
WPH-200 Renal clear cell carcinoma sec.
WPH-201 Wilms’ tumor sec.
WPH-202 Transitional cell carcinoma of bladder(1st-degree)sec.
WPH-203 Transitional cell carcinoma of bladder(2ed-degree)sec.
WPH-204 Transitional cell carcinoma of bladder(3rd-degree)sec.
WPH-205 Kidney stone w.m.
WPH-206 Renal tuberculosis sec.
WPH-207 Pressure atrophy of kidney sec.
WPH-208 Clear-cell carcinoma sec.
WPH-209 Carcinoma of urinary bladder sec.
WPH-210 Hypertension diseased kidney sec.
WPH-211 Interstitial nephritis sec.
WPH-212 Diffuse capillary hyperplastic glomerular nephritis sec.
WPH-213 chronic nephritis
WPH-214 renal hemorrhage

11, Disease of Genital System

WPH-215 Endometrial hyperplasia sec.
WPH-216 leiomyoma of uterus
WPH-217 Carcinoma in-situ of cervix sec.
WPH-218 Cervical squamous cancer sec.
WPH-219 Adenocarcinoma of cervix sec.
WPH-220 Adenocarcinoma of endometrium sec.
WPH-221 Choriocarcinoma sec.
WPH-222 Papillary serous cystadenocarcinoma of the ovary
WPH-223 mucinous cystadenoma of ovary
WPH-224 Endodermal sinus tumor sec.
WPH-225 Fibroadenosis of breast sec.
WPH-226 Invasive ductal carcinoma sec.
WPH-227 comedocarcinoma of breast
WPH-228 Medullary carcinoma of breast sec.
WPH-229 Seminoma sec.
WPH-230 Congenital agenesis of testis(47, XXYtype)
WPH-231 Prostatic cancer(well-differentiated)
WPH-232 Prostatic cancer(poorly differentiated)
WPH-233 Breast cancer sec.
WPH-234 Hydatidiform mole sec.
WPH-235 Polyp of cervix sec.
WPH-236 Cervical erosion sec.
WPH-237 Ovarian cyst sec.
WPH-238 Chronic endometritis sec.
WPH-239 Pointed condyloma sec.
WPH-240 Squamous cell metaplasia of cervical mucosa sec.
WPH-241 Adenomyosis sec.
WPH-242 Teratoma sec.

12, Diseases of Endocrine System

WPH-243 Endemic goiter sec.
WPH-244 Toxic goiter sec.
WPH-245 Thyroid adenoma sec.
WPH-246 Papillary adenocarcinoma of thyroid gland sec.
WPH-247 Follicular adenocarcinoma sec.
WPH-248 Adrenal cortical adenomas sec.
WPH-249 Adrenal cortical carcinoma sec.
WPH-250 Hypophyseal adenoma sec.
WPH-251 Simple goiter sec.
WPH-252 Fibrous thyroiditis sec.
WPH-253 Thyroid adenocarcinoma sec.

13, Diseases of Nervous System

WPH-254 Purulent meningitis sec.
WPH-255 Epidemic encephalitis B sec.
WPH-256 Meningeoma sec.
WPH-257 Neurinoma sec.
WPH-258 Neurofibroma sec.
WPH-259 Neuroastrocytoma sec.

14, Diseases of Muscalar and Skeletal System

WPH-260 Osteochondroma sec.
WPH-261 Osteogenic sarcoma sec.
WPH-262 Giant cell tumor of bone sec.
WPH-263 Chondrosarcoma sec.

End of the list of human pathology slides.

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