Set of 100pcs University Human Histology Slides

When compiling the series, basically only top quality, histologically fixed material was used for the preparation of the slides. The cutting thickness of the microtome sections is normally 6 – 8 μm. The use of special staining methods guarantees a clear, multicolored representation of all tissue structures. This slide series occupies a special position due both to the quality of the original material and also with regard to the carefulness of the preparation.

This human histology slides set include all the system of the human body:
1.Epithelial tissue
2.Connective tissue
3.Muscular tissue
4.Nervous system
5.Circulation system
6.Immune system
7.Endocrine system
8.Digestive system
9.Respiratory system
10.Urinary system
11.Genital system
12.Sensory organs

What’s include:

1.Epithelial tissue
PHS-01 Simple columnar epithelium of Human sec.
PHS-02 Simple cuboidal epithelium of Human sec.
PHS-03 Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium of Human sec.
PHS-04 Simple columnar ciliated epithelium of Human sec.
PHS-05 Stratified squamous epithelium of Human sec.
PHS-06 Epithelium cells of cavitas oris of Human W.M.
2.Connective tissue
PHS-07 Blood of Human smear (RE )
PHS-08 Blood of Human smear (stained with Giemsa)
PHS-09 Loose connective tissue of Human sec.
PHS-10 Adipose tissue of Human sec.
PHS-11 Hyaline cartilage of Human sec.
PHS-12 Fibrous cartilage of Human sec.
PHS-13 Elastic cartilage of Human sec.
PHS-14 Finger(foot) of Human L.S.
PHS-15 Human bone grinding W.M.
PHS-16 Hard bone of Human T.S.(thionin-picric acid staining)
PHS-17 Hard bone of Human L.S.(thionin-picric acid staining)
PHS-18 human toe bone l.s.
PHS-19 human red bone marrow smear.
3.Muscular tissue
PHS-20 Smooth muscle islolated of Human W.M.
PHS-21 Skeledal muscle of Human T.S.and L.S.(hematoxylin staining)
PHS-22 Skeletal muscle of Human T.S.and L.S.(HE)
PHS-23 Skeletal muscle of Human L.S.(hematoxylin staining)
PHS-24 Skeletal muscle islolated of Human W.M.
PHS-25 Cardiac muscle of Human sec.(hematoxylin staining)
4.Nervous system
PHS-26 Spinal cord of Human T.S.
PHS-27 Tactile corpuscle of Human sec.
PHS-28 Lamellar corpuscle of Human sec.
PHS-29 Cerebrum of Human sec.(silver staining)
PHS-30 Cerebrum of Human sec.(HE)
PHS-31 Cerebellum of Human sec.(HE)
PHS-32 Cerebellum of Human sec.(silver staining)
5.Circulation system
PHS-33 Heart of Human sec.
PHS-34 Cardiac muscle of Human sec.
PHS-35 Cardiac valve of Human sec.
PHS-36 Human Medium-sized artery and vein sec.
PHS-37 Large artery of Human sec.
PHS-38 Large vein of Human sec.
PHS-39 Human Heart sec.(showing Purkinje cell)
6.Immune system
PHS-40 Lymphoid node of Human sec.
PHS-41 Spleen of Human sec.
PHS-42 Thymus of Human sec.
PHS-43 Palatine tonsil of Human sec.
7.Endocrine system
PHS-44 Thyroid gland of Human sec.
PHS-45 Parathyroid gland of Human sec.
PHS-46 Adrenal gland of Human sec.
PHS-47 Human Pituitary sec.

8.Digestive system
PHS-48 Liver of Human sec. (show bile canaliculus of liver)
PHS-49 Human teeth grinding
PHS-50 Tongue of Human L.S.(show intertal structure)
PHS-51 Oesophagus of Human T.S.
PHS-52 Stomach of Human T.S.
PHS-53 Gastric section of stomach of Human sec.
PHS-54 Small intestine of Human T.S.
PHS-55 Small intestine of Human L.S.
PHS-56 Jejunum of Human sec.
PHS-57 Duodenum of Human sec.
PHS-58 Ileum of Human sec.
PHS-59 Colon of Human sec.
PHS-60 Vermiform appendix of Human sec.
PHS-61 Large intestinal of Human L.S.
PHS-62 Large intestinal of Human T.S.
PHS-63 Parotid gland of Human sec.
PHS-64 Submandibular gland of Human sec.
PHS-65 Salivary gland of Human sec.
PHS-66 Sublingual gland of Human sec.
PHS-67 Liver of Human sec.
PHS-68 Gall Bladder of human sec.
9.Respiratory system
PHS-69 Trachea of Human T.S.
PHS-70 Trachea of Human L.S.
PHS-71 Human Lung sec.
PHS-72 Epiglottic cartilage of Human sagittal section
10.Urinary system
PHS-73 Urinary bladder of Human
PHS-74 Kidney of Human sec.
PHS-75 Ureter of Human T.S.
PHS-76 Kidney of Human through renal cortex T.S.
11.Genital system
PHS-77 Testis of Human sec.
PHS-78 Spermatozoon of Human smear.
PHS-79 Epididymis of Human sec.
PHS-80 Prostate of Human sec.
PHS-81 Ductus deferens of Human T.S.
PHS-82 Glandula vesiculosa of Human sec.
PHS-83 Penis of Human sec.(infant)
PHS-84 Human Uterus(proliferative phase) sec.
PHS-85 human Uterus(secretory phase) sec.
PHS-86 Uterine cervix of Human sec.
PHS-87 Oviduct of Human T.S.
PHS-88 Ampulla of uterine tube of Human T.S.
PHS-89 Vagina of Human sec.
PHS-90 human mammary gland(active phase) sec.
PHS-91 Placenta of Human sec.
PHS-92 Ovary of human sec.
PHS-93 Human Corpus luteum sec.
12.Sensory organs
PHS-94 Skin of Human(show sweat gland) sec.
PHS-95 Skin of Human(show hair follicle) sec.
PHS-96 Back Skin of Human back sec.
PHS-97 Abdominal skin of Human sec.
PHS-98 Finger(foot) of Human T.S.
PHS-99 Skin of Human (show stratum corneum) sec.
PHS-100 Hair of Human W.M.

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