Student medical parasitology slides 50pcs

1 Entamoeba histolytica cyst w.m
2 Entamoeba histolytica trophozoites smear
3 Giardia lamblia w.m
4 Giardia lamblia trophozoite w.m
5 Trichomonas vaginalis, smear
6 Leishmania donovani w.m
7 Promastigote of leishmania donovani w.m
8 plasmodium falciparum,blood smear with more gametocytes .
9 plasmodium vivax,benign tertian malaria of man, blood smear
10 Toxoplasma gondii,causing toxoplasmosis tissue smear with parasites
11 Sexual mosaic of Schistosoma japonicum w.m.
12 Cercaria of Schistosoma japonicum w.m.
13 Miracidium of Schistosoma japonicumw.m.
14 Eggs of Schistosoma japonicum w.m.(natural color)
15 Taenia saginata,selected mature proglottids w.m
16 Taenia saginata,ova in faeces w.m
17 Taenia solium,scolex w.m
18 Tapeworm sec.
19 Ascaris lumbricoides,ova in faeces w.m
20 Taenia solium mature proglottid w.m
21 Taenia solium immature proglottid w.m
22 Taenia solium pregnancy proglottid w.m
23 eggs of Taenia solium
24 Enterobius vermicularis, ova in faeces w.m
25 Strongylus vulgaris
26 Eggs of Trichuris w.m.
27 Eggs of Enterobius w.m.(natural color)
28 Adult Clonorchis Sinensis w.m.
29 Eggs of Clonorchis Sinensis w.m
30 Eggs of Fasciolopsis buski w.m.
31 Adult Fasciolopsis buski w.m
32 Adult Fasciolopsis buski sec.
33 Adult of Fasciola hepatica section
34 Adult of Ixodes w.m.
35 Adult of Gamasid sp w.m.
36 Eggs of mosquito w.m.
37 Chrysalides of Mosquito w.m.
38 Pulex w.m.
39 mosquito w.m
40 Insect w.m
41 Ascaris Male and female t.s
42 Ascaris male t.s
43 Ascaris female t.s
44 Anterior end of Ascarid lumbricoide w.m.
45 Posterior end of Male Ascarid lumbricoide w.m.
46 housefly
47 eggs of housefly
48 housefly larva
49 Trichinella spiralis sec.
50 Trypanosome blood smear

End of the list.

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