Mixed 50pcs prepared microscope slides (insect, animal, histology and plant)

1 Root tip of plant l.s.
2 Young root of plant t.s.
3 Stem of monocotyledon t.s.
4 Stem of xylophyta dicotyledon t.s.
5 Lower epiderm of leaf of horsebean w.m.
6 Aspergillus w.m.
7 Microzyme w.m.
8 Leaf of Jasminum nudiflorum t.s.
9 Letter “e” w.m.
10 Apical bud l.s.
11 Stem of dicotyledon t.s.
12 Chlamydomonas w.m.
13 Three types of Bacteria
14 Leaf of Pinus t.s.
15 Seed of Castor l.s.
16 Lymph node sec.
17 Protonema of Funaria w.m.
18 Sporophyll of Pteridium sec.
19 Pollen germination w.m.
20 Ovary of Lilium t.s.
21 Agaricus sec.
22 Seed of Zea mays l.s.
23 Epiderm of Allium w.m.
24 Spirogyra w.m.
25 Rhizopus w.m.
26 Hydra l.s.
27 Zygote of Ascarid lumbricoide w.m.
28 Earthworm t.s.
29 Pollen-carrying leg of Honeybee w.m.
30 Mouthpart of Housefly w.m.
31 Simple columnar epithelium sec.
32 Stratified squamous epithelium sec.
33 Dense connective tissue(Tendon l.s.)sec.
34 Loose connective tissue w.m.
35 Blood of Human smear
36 Skeletal muscle l.s.
37 Smooth muscle isolated w.m.
38 Cardiac muscle sec.
39 Neurcytes isolated w.m.
40 Spinal cord t.s.
41 Corpus ventriculi sec.
42 Intestine of t.s.
43 Testis t.s.
44 Ovary of sec.
45 Sperm of smear
46 Epithelium cells of cavitas oris of Humanw.m.
47 Euglena w.m.
48 Simple-cell of egg of Frog sec.
49 Cleavage stage of egg of Frog sec.
50 Lichen sec.

End of the list.

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