Set of Human histology slides with H&E stained

1 Human Simple columnar epithelium
2 Human Stratified pavement epithelium
3 Human Simple cuboidal epithelium
4 Human Human blood s.m
5 Human Bone marrow,c.s
6 Human Loose connective tissue w.m
7 Human Adipose tissue (special.staining)
8 Human Hyaline cartilage, sec.
9 Human Fibrous cartilage, sec.
10 Human Elastic cartilage, sec.
11 Human Human skin section through sweat gland, sec.
12 Human Human skin section through hair follicle, sec.
13 Human Separetion mounting of smooth muscle w.m
14 Human Smooth muscle, c.s and long section, c.s
15 Human Separetion mounting of skeletal muscle w.m
16 Human Cardiac muscle, sec.(hematine)
17 Human Feeler body
18 Human Cerebrum,sec.(silvering)
19 Human Cerebellum, sec.(silver staining)
20 Human Heart sec.
21 Human Large artery, sec
22 Human Large vein,sec.
23 Human Spleen, sec.
24 Human Thymus,sec.
25 Human Tonsil,sec.
26 Human Thyroid, sec.
27 Human Epithelial body, sec.
28 Human Adrenal gland, sec
29 Human Tongue sec. (show internal.structure pictured above )
30 Human Esophagus, sec.
31 Human Stomach wall,sec.
32 Human Small intestine, sec.
33 Human Colon, sec.
34 Human Appendix, sec.
35 Human Salivary gland, sec.
36 Human Liver,sec.
37 Human Lung, sec.
38 Human Kidney,sec.
39 Human Trachea,c.s
40 Human Kidney with Blood Vessel Injected sec.
41 Human Testis, sec.
42 Human Epididymis, sec.
43 Human Deferent duct, c.s
44 Human Ovaries, sec.
45 Human Womb, sec.
46 Human Fallopian tube, c.s
47 Human Vagina, sec.
48 Human Placenta,sec.
49 Human Pituitary, sec.
50 Human Bone grinding, sec.

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